BPPV livestream 10/29/20

I have migraine myself and greatly appreciate the benefits of the MAV forum, and recommend it to my patients. I am posting today because I am scheduled to teach about a closely related topic–BPPV. My talk will be live streamed on YouTube 10/29/20 at 1:00 pm pacific. BPPV frequently makes vestibular migraine worse. Treating BPPV often leads to improvement of migraine symptoms. Some people with BPPV and migraine may not even realize the BPPV is ongoing. The latter type of scenario can result in missed opportunities. For anyone who is interested in learning more about BPPV, you should be able to find a link to the talk by searching for Hoag live stream causes and treatment for BPPV.
Greg Whitman, MD
Orange County, CA


Best to search YouTube (instead of Google).

Welcome, good to have a Doc in here :slight_smile:

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Hey Greg, welcome, and thanks for posting. Please pop back to remind us nearer the time (but I’ll bookmark this) and we’ll try to share the link.

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Hey Greg, I did a brief search of YouTube but couldn’t find link. Can you please confirm it’s going ahead and share the link?

@GregWhitmanMD Hello and welcome! Could you please post the link to the live stream?