BPPV on both sides?

Hello to everyone…
Does anyone of you have BPPV on both right and left ear (episodes when rolling over in bed on both sides)?
Also, is it possible for the episodes to last a lot of days in a row?
Thank you very much…

When I first had bppv, I was spinning turning on both sides. Not sure why!

Absolutely they last days. You can do the Epley manoeuvre to sort it out. But be careful - that where all my problems began

I usually only have it on my left side, but occasionally I had it on my right side. But never on both at the same time. With me, they can last up to three weeks.

Thank you so much for your reply…
Did the Epley maneuver make your symptoms worse?
I have craniocervical and atlantoaxial instability and unfortunately it seems like it’s contradicted.
I’m trying to understand whether the vertigo comes from the ears or from the brainsteam because of the instability which possibly compresses the vertebral arteries.
It’s very complicated and I feel totally miserable…

Thank you very much for your reply…
Acute BPPV episodes always lasted for one day for me , so this is quite weird for me. I cannot even move my head an inch when lying down.

When I have an acute episode and try to lie down or try to move when lying down, I put my head in both hands and tear at my hair (I have very short hair) before moving. This signals to my brain where my head is. It sounds a bit weird, but it helps.

I felt ok before the Epley. Don’t get me wrong, I was nauseated and off but ok.

Once I sat up from the Epley, a severe 4 month VM began which was 100% worse. Immediately! I also suspect this is why I have a symptom (can’t track movement) that many don’t. I think I got a bad lesion on that area of the brain. Theory only.

Yes, it makes it worse for 1 minute. Then the spinning is usually fixed.

I did the Epley again this Feb and I was fine.

I would go to a specialist and do it.

imho, if it’s positional it has to be from the ears as the brain cannot sense acceleration or specific angle.

I agree this condition is absolutely awful at times.

do you also suffer any tinnitus?