Hi all,

Can anyone answer a few questions I have about BPPV. I have had BPPV for approx. 2 years now. Epleys and Brandt Daroff exercises have failed to make any improvement.

First question is - Does having BPPV for this long without any improvement point towards MAV? (I remember 1 ENT telling me that at my age, 27, the exercises should work and if not then the crystals should dissolve on their own, hence why he thought it was MAV related)

Second Q - Has anyone had an improvement in their positional vertigo from taking migraine meds?

Thank you for any advice.

I have had chronic dizziness 24/7 for the past year. It started out as BPPV. I did the Epley, and initially it helped the intense spinning when lying to the right side in bed. Over the next 2-3 months I would do Epley 2-3 times per day, but the dizziness (not spinning) continued all day and night. I was told by my Dr. that BPPV only causes dizziness with a change in head position, so if you are sitting still with no movement you should not feel dizzy. I just started Nort about 5 weeks ago and so far it has not helped.

Hi, I had BPPV for 2 years and developed MAV alongside it after 18 months or so of failed Epleys and Brandt Daroff. It was cured on the fifth or sixth attempt by a very experienced physio who tipped me further back and for longer and said it must have been a particularly large, hard to shift crystal. It returned this year and Dr S cured it first time and he tapped hard behind my ear throughout. All this time I have taken anti migraine meds and they do nothing for Bppv. I would say keep trying with getting different people to do the Epley, maybe even ask them to do the tipping further/tapping thing. Hope this helps,

I am not sure this is correct; but I was told if your bppv is improved/gone, to not do any of those maneuvers. Only do them if bppv symptoms come back. That was after my pcp ( not any more) had me doing them three times a day, regardless. And, this was shortly after I had vestibular neuritis . …I was telling medical personnel I felt like a was on a boat and they were all looking at me crazy.

Quotation taken from a paper linked in the OP of the attached discussing differentiating between various vestibular conditions which each resemble VM.

Interesting article on VM and related illnesses

”Fourth, because BPPV is often cured by canalith repositioning maneuvers (98), positional vertigo that fails to improve with such maneuvers (especially when performed by experienced clinicians or vestibular therapists) should raise the possibility of VM (96).”