Brain bouncing in skull?


When I jump or move my head too fast it feels like my brain (or the blood) bounces around in my skull, like it can not keep up the speed with my skull. It hurts and if I try carefully to jump up and down several times every fourth or fifth jump gets extra painful as the blood gets more and more out of rythm with the skull. Also, if I bend forward I feel like a ton of blood is flooding into my brain and it hurts too.

Basically I can not jump, shake my head or even drive the car on a bumpy road without severe head pain. Mainly from the back of my head. Also I can not walk too hard on my heels.

How normal is this with MAV? Do everyone with MAV feel the same way or is this unusual?

Thanks in advance to anyone who replies. I am grateful for all the info I can get.


No answer, I take that as these symptoms are quite unusual then. Never mind the brain bouncing thing, that is just a strange feeling. But head pain when jumping or driving over bumps; anyone recognize this?

Best regards!

I don’t know wether this is the same thing you mean but I feel my brain is somehow loose inside my head and when I move it wobbles and bounces about. Feels like I could do with stabilisers on it to hold it in place. Is this the same thing you mean ?
Anne x

Yes, this is exactly what I mean Anne. Thank you. It feels like the brain is loose in the head. And it hurts when I jump and so on. Do you know any meds that helps? Is it common? Do you think it is related to MAV or is it something else? Most people I say this to just look at me like I am crazy (and I can understand it sounds that way:)).

Thank you for answering, Anne!


I used to have it really badly. I’ve been dizzy now for nearly 7 years and only diagnosed with MAV about 2 years ago. I think it’s definitely a symptom of vestibular migraine . For the last 18 months I’ve been taking Topirimate which does seemed to have helped most of my symptoms ( this included ).I do still get the brain wobble but not quite as often or as strong as before. Are you on any medications ?
Anne x

I had these symptoms for ten years and it is gradually getting worse. One year ago I had to give up my job and I have been seeing a lot of doctors since. I am still not diagnosed and nobody knows what is wrong with me. Maybe mav is the answer…

I wanted to try migraine meds, like a calcium channel blocker and so on but my GP does not think I have migraine since my symptoms are constant. And I must admit that it does not really sound like migraine. Anyway, I will see what happens in the future but meeting other people with the same symptoms kind of feels good anyway. Now I know it is not totally unheard of and that there is possibly a cure:).

Sorry to hear about your struggle but good that you are on the way back to full recovery:).

So no, I am not on any medication yet.