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Brain feels half-asleep, as if there is a lag in thoughts processing. Anyone else?

Since my chronic VM started, i never feel 100% awake or alert. I feel like my bain is slow, like if there is a lag between what I see and what my brain processes.

Does anyone has the same sensation?

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Lots of people comment they experience a lag with their eye movements. Similar symptom maybe. What medication are you on? Could be side effect possibly. Could be you are more susceptible to some extreme form of brain fog. Could be there is a delay because your brain’s under such pressure (60% of capacity I think it is is used up with balance) it is struggling to keep up quite literally. All sorts of weird symptoms do occur.

Brain fog! Yep I get it after my migraine attacks. Often lasts days after my other symptoms have disappeared- and is often one of the first signs I get when another wave is about to start. I notice it as I am usually a very quick thinker, I’m a Mensa member and often do their puzzles and quizzes- I’ve no chance following an attack! Following an attack I often forget things, struggle to choose words when I’m speaking and find it difficult to sequence tasks. Before an attack I find my brain feels slow as if I’m “thinking through treacle”

The days that I’m super dizzy, I can listen to every word a person says but as soon as they are done talking I can not remember a single word. It’s like my mind goes blank. I’ve had problems with “brain fog” since having kids but it’s definitely gotten worse over the last year.

I can definitely relate to this…sometimes when a person is talking to me I am actually looking at them and asking myself if they are talking to me - it’s like I am not really present, not tuned in. It’s like being on half power…

Yep. Kinda scary.

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@mav yes! It’s so hard!

That’s bad. Must be the Dissociation end of Brain Fog. I can remember having brain fog virtually every morning for the first couple of hours after waking for years not that I realised that was what it was at the time. I have a feeling it must have stopped about the same time I started having episodic MAV. It returned periodically although no longer confined to early mornings after I turned chronic. Although it is very much part of MAV apparently it’s very common amongst perimenopausal and menopausal women generally.