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Brain fizzy feeling? Or other weird sensations...

Hi all, do you ever feel asif your brain is almost like zinging? Or flipping? Sometimes my brain feels so sensitive, I remember 2 years ago it was so sensitive that I couldn’t even tolerate walking as the ricochet of my foot hitting the floor seemed to shake my brain even soft footsteps or someone tapping their leg on the sofa and the slight movement would knock me sick.

Or any other odd feelings? I dont handle speed bumps, lifts, elevators, flying, now treadmill very well either. All send the pressure racing to my head along with many more symptoms
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Yep, sometimes it feels electrical, or vibrational. Sometimes it feels like a brain zap or twitch based on sensory inputs like lights, head movement, stepping. sounds… It was really hard to explain to my family and not lose my temper sometimes over the most benign things. Ok, sometimes I did lose my temper but I always apologized. :grinning:

It all feels scary, but with time and the right treatment it will slowly fade. After two years I have finally graduated to escalators and treadmills without any problems. Gotta travel on airplane later this week though… the ultimate challenge… we’ll see :grimacing:


@ander454 Oh wow Erik! You’re going on a plane! You must be in a fantastic place right now to endure that! Last time for me was 2011- haven’t dare do it again!

Ive heard the term brain zaps before but for me its not quite how I would describe the feelings I get. I suppose we all have different ways of describing things, and indeed have our very own unique MAV feelings!

It is terribly scary, I can unfortunately agree with you there. Thankfully I havent had any lately quite that bad but since my relapse have felt like I am potentially going to have some as my brain just felt not right. :face_with_head_bandage:

Thanks for your reply!! Have a safe & pleasant flight!! :crossed_fingers:

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I have certainly felt like my head was buzzing, my scalp was overly sensitive to touch or hair brushing, and generally just a sensitivity in my head to any input - sound, touch, movement, etc.

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Morning, yep in terms of zinging, like there is an electrical current at the top of my head. I find it appears mostly now when I change my dose of meds, am two weeks on my new dose and last few days, head is zinging or fizzy as I call it. Hoping it settles quickly. Very common I think with mav. I sometimes think it’s the brain adjusting to new stuff meds or general activities esp when we overdo things.
Hope you’re doing well today :blush:

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Oh so it is a MAV symptom then? I couldnt be sure as when I told my neuro she just looked at me asif I was speaking Swahili - so then I felt even more worried :expressionless: so just another symptom then!! Oh dear… I did describe it asif my brain either (jumping, or flipping over) and she said that is not possible. Well im no neuro but I know its not physically possible!!! :see_no_evil: its a feeling. Its awful.
@nin I am doing better with some symptoms thanks Elaine. Im on a new med so still early days, can’t manage work as yet though :roll_eyes:
Hope your well? X

These neurologists do seem to take you quite literally at times. Perhaps their clever brains lack our humour and imagination. I suspect they may get bored with peoples descriptions of their symptoms. Sometimes it must be very difficult to interpret. All those different descriptions. Probably most have scientific descriptions neuros would use but unfortunately we aren’t to know, are we.

I wonder about the ‘flipping over’ sensation. If this occurs when you are quite stationery and your gaze may be idly resting on some other stationery object, this could be oscillopsia which apparently is very common in any vestibular conditions. It’s another internal illusion of movement.

Oh. I’ve had the ricohet of my own feet hitting the pavement vibrate through my whole body so you can hear it in your ears many times. Changing shoes would do it too. The feeble vibration of a car being refuelled’s another one or even a panting dog sitting in the rear of the car appears to make the whole vehicle shake. That oh so slight vibration. And those tubular chairs. Every vibration is amplified many times and cause nausea. Helen

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Hi Helen, the first time the brain flipping sensation happened I was 17 and bed bound with vertigo I cant describe how ill I felt. It will never leave me and still haunts me to this day. It only happened the once but it was very strange. I’ve never come accross a feeling quite like it since. These days its a shallow vibrating or extra sensitive brain feeling. Even if I have a head massage or im having head tickled and im laying in bed I sometimes jump as I feel im about to go dizzy… its very odd.

Yes I think my neuro sometimes can be quick to dismiss some symptoms if I explain them in such a way, its just the way I interpret them. They are very unique these MAV symptoms I guess?

All of the situations youve said (dog panting) I completely sympathise. I get all of these too, we have extreme sensitivity dont we?!! Some days are better but most bring up these circumstances.

I get alot more true migraine these days… like the last 3 days have been horrid with pain :smirk:x

Someone put it to me as if there brain was numb and I can so relate to that. It’s a weird sensation like someone has injected anaesthetic in to my brain. And it’s tingly sometimes. Can you relate to this?

Hi Natalie,

Im not sure mine is “numb” as such… but the feelings are hard to translate arn’t they? Like today my head has felt so tight (squeezing) in my ears so full - this feeling comes all the way around to my face, now I can feel migraine coming! Just lately its taken a massive nose dive I hope the this thing will let up after the diet properly kicks in!! X

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Yeah, that is one of my major complaints. Head is filled with lidocane or menthol. Frustrating to try and explain this symptom to doctors, they just look at you with a blank stare and sometimes suggest pyschosomatic origins. The tingling occurs as well, yes.

Glad you can relate. It’s a really unnerving sensation. I agree with the docs it’s all in my head but not in the same way as they assume. So frustrating when doctors label you with anxiety/depression. Before this all kicked off I was such an outgoing, love life type of person. Now yes I am anxious! They would be if they felt how we did on a daily basis. Do you get eye sensations? Like you can feel the back of them? Also my head feels like a bubble that I want to pop. Along with the dreamlike detached vision and feeling and rocky head… I could go on and on blah blah lol

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Yep - I always say it feels like my eye is being pushed out along with facial numbness. There are so many symptoms with MAV im sure I forget half of them when I go to see the Neuro. :crazy_face:

I know lol there are too many symptoms to remember :tired_face: mine is in both eyes, is yours? Do you get the detached/dreamlike vision?

Well, for me its hard to explain its almost like my eyes dont correlate and cannot focus (esp if the migraine is present) I bought a eye patch to use when I am havint a bad time it actually really helps too! Maybe try one? X

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Is this recently acquired symptom or long standing?

The eye feeling is more recent Helen.

You know when you put eye drops in your eyes? Its similar to that… not quiet blurry but not all there if. My neuro said it comes under visual disturbances. I guess that is a wide spectrum of eye symptoms, alot of the feeling regarding the eyes are just muscle contractions or spasms caused by the migraine I have been told. So I suppose your fitting the right criteria for a MAVer!! Unfortunately :thinking:

Oh that sounds horrible. I did have really blurred vision when this all started and couldn’t even see the tv properly. That has calmed down over time. My feeling is more of a drunk detached vision. I do see heat haze now and again, floaters, white blotching in my vision that lasts a few seconds. It’s all so bizarre these symptoms

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It certainly is odd. I also get a film over my eye from time to time and when blinking its there then dissapears and same again. Not sure it’s a MAV symptom though.