Brain zapping all day long

Sorry to ask another nortriptyline question but here goes. I’ve been off the stuff for two days now. I was having too many problems with not sleeping and we have a major project going on at work this week for which I need to be fully alert so I’m not taking chances with this insomnia.

Today I have felt terrible, constantly on the edge of vertigo, I keep getting these brain zap kind of feelings. I’m pretty sure I have heard of others here having this. It’s like an electrical current going through my head (no pain, just a zap) and when I am walking around it feels like there are vibrations in my head. I hope this doesn’t sound crazy.

I’m wondering if nortriptyline cause withdrawl problems - I’ve only been taking it two weeks - or is this more of an MAV symptom. I’m just so afraid it is going to lead to vertigo.

The reason I question it being a withdrawl issue is because I remember when going of Lexpro several years ago I had similar issues but I don’t think it was quite this bad. However, I did go off very slow, it took about 8 months but every time I decreased I would get brain zaps.

Brain zaps are a common side effect for antidepressants. They’ll go away as time goes on. One tip that I read somewhere that helped me is to take fish oil.

Res, are brain zaps a side effect for antidepressants or for the withdrawl? I didn’t have this problem while on them, only now, 2 days after stopping.

Book – brain zaps are very common in AD withdrawal. Don’t worry about it … it’s a self-limiting process and should stop soon. S 8)

Thank you Scott!!!

Now that my major work project is over I was going to go back on the nor but I think I’ll wait til I hear back from the doctor tomorrow as to what do to about the insomnia.

I wish I could feel good again.

For me the zaps were happening from any change in the dosage…so both withdrawal and starting.

I had the “brain zaps” too while on a SSRI. They did continue for quite awhile after discontinuing the antidepressant but became less frequent and less intense as time passed. Kristen