brand new! Brain injury.

Hey there! Three years ago I was a pedestrian hit by a car. I was in a brief coma, and have a broken hip as well. The virtigo JUST RECENTLY has popped up in my life. Before this I was on venlafaxine, which I quit because I couldn’t create while taking it- super uncomfotable! Before this I have always been a bit of an artist and songwriter, I’ve always been in bands and am actually working in the music industry (sorta). The inability to create while on venlafaxine made me feel hollow.

I’m off everything right now but in inquiries with my doctor about anxiety meds. Stories about the dizzyness in big stores and when facing a mirror I’ve read here are super helpful, nice to know I’m not the only one having reactions to those specific stimuli. Gonna keep looking around to see if anything helps these specific situations.

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Welcome. I found a similar problem with Amitriptyline. I found it ‘dulled my brain’. It’s hard to express how this felt, but when I came off it I actually felt ‘smarter’. Weird.

Hope you are recovering well from your injuries!

Check out (research) CBD for anxiety. I use non-THC, organic, 3rd party tested CBD tincture and it has helped me with my symptoms. It’s all natural and non-pharmaceutical and has been reported to help many people with anxiety, as well as many other symptoms. If you’re in the US you don’t need a medical card to purchase. You should be able to find a local doctor whom is certified to issue a medical card (if you so choose) with whom you can talk to about the use of CBD for anxiety, dosage, and if/how it might react with other meds and/or supplements you take, etc. CBD is a specialized topic for a specialized

Migraine is very common after brain injury. Find a neuro-otologist and Treat for migraine, see if you can find the right meds. Unfortunately different meds work for different people so it’s trial and error.

You can get the right mix though.

Good luck!