Brief Introductory Thank You Post

Hello and thank you for allowing me to become a member of this select band of sufferers.

This is a short and boring introduction of my journey which started 13 years ago with Ménière’s disease and picked up vestibular migraine and PPPD on the way. Like most sufferers it has been a long and frustrating journey through our health care system to get accurate diagnosis. Experienced some of the not so nice investigations, medications and procedures into the middle ear. Special mention goes the the challenges to my mental health! My symptoms over the last 2 years have been chronic and dampened but just recently have become much more debilitating.

Finally like everyone one else I found that very few people understood or believed the madness of the symptoms suffered and could not find a label to attach to them.

I have joined this group to receive and give help and support.

Thank you.


Welcome David.

Yes, unless you’ve experienced these symptoms, it’s impossible to conceive how awful they are and can be.

Any feeling for what kicked it all off for you?

Best of luck with your recovery journey!

Hi David. Most of first hand understand how debilitating it can be. Hang in there. I believe you can get better.