Bright Lights vs. Crowds/Loud Noise?

Hi Everyone,

Was wondering what is More bothersome for you …Bright Lights in department stores like Walmart or… Crowds and lots of noise…particularly in Malls or Department Stores, etc.??? For some reason various type of lighting in stores don’t bother me much…but Crowded situations with lots of people talking…screaming children really set me off where i become irritated. The more Stimula the worse it is for me.

Would appreciate your input.


Actually both are tough for me. If I had to pick which was worse I would have to say alot of movement - people at the mall, kids at a ballgame, busy restaurant, etc. Add loud noise to the movement and then it is really tough. Sometimes I just stand still and close my eyes during those situations and it helps somewhat.

That is a tough one. Both situations bother me a lot too. I would say the lights bother me more, but that is probably because I find it easier to avoid crowds and noise than the awful lights at work, grocery stores, and department stores.

Sound bothers me more than flourenscent lighting, so I have to say that between all the sounds and people moving around just make a crowd a bad experience for me.



I don’t like either of them but if pushed to choose I would say crowds and noise, it’s sensory overload. For a while now I’ve been doing my grocery shopping on Friday nights (I know, what a party animal!) as there are heaps less people there. A busy supermarket is the pits.


Like everyone else they both bother me. At work I get noise and bright light all day long. I’m trying to think which is worse - probably the noise, unless the lights are flickering, then without a doubt it is the lights. Or if it is bright sunlight in my eyes reflecting off the snow when I am in a car, ugh, that is instant car sickness. At that point I would also take the noise. So maybe noise is better. Or maybe I just can’t make up my mind. :?

They are both bad but I am able to control both the lights issue at home since i can no longer work and have vry low lights.

They are not so bad at the stores as I do not expose myself to them often…but the crowds are awful and i avoid them at all cost.

If I do go to the store it is during off times and forget restaurants and movies that would be out of the question or the mall when it is busy…cannot handle that at all.

Thanks everyone for your personal input on this subject matter. The only time i recall bright lights bothering are at night when driving the car…i will place my hand towards the Side Mirror (while sitting in my seat) so i can’t see the front lights of cars behind me. Other than that…i don’t have problems with bright lights. On crowded days when shopping at Walmart…it’s always the Crowds and Noise that make me want to hurry and purchase and get out! If the store is low key…few people…little noise…then i’m fine.

Thanks again…Joe

I’d have to go with lights, as I have daily problems with light sensitivity. ALL lights are now abnormally bright to me; car headlights DURING THE DAY look like highbeams to me. I squint a lot due to the lights and wear big, dark sunglasses outside and had some of the flourescent lights taken out of my office. I usually can go into stores with no problem though unless I am having a particularly bad day. LIghts of varying types in one place are more likely to bother me. Noises do seem louder and more noticeable at times, and some crowds bother me, but I havent’ had a chance to test this yet (no concerts). I suspect it is all overstimulation.

bcrelief…i wonder if it is unusal for someone diagnosed with Migraine Equivalent (like myself) to not be sensitive to various types of lights during the day…only exception is at night when driving. Mayb it just boils down too…were all different and what bothers one person may not bother another person??

Thanks for your share.