Broken jaw

Hi all,

When I was 16 I suffered a broken lower mandible ( long story…) the lower jaw was basically detached as it was broken on the right and left side. The surgery consisted of re attaching the jaw using 2 metal titanium plates. As this area is closely linked to the ear ( from what I understand ) is this something worth mentioning to the neuro otologist ?

I’m just wondering if it could be that the jaw is somehow causing pressure along the TMJ nerve or something, possibly becoming disturbed

Clutching at straws here lol

Hi. I would mention it.

I had a similar thing happen to me. My right jaw was broken years ago - at the condyle right under the ear and almost center on my chin - the bone was just hanging loose inside. It took plates & wires & screws to put it back together. I ended up with chronic TMJ in that ear & jaw area. With regard to me, it all ties together - the TMJ, MAV, SCD. (I also have SCD.) The TMJ can’t really be gotten rid of although there are things to do that can help one deal with it - for example, trying to avoid triggers that make it worse (eating chewy or crunchy foods), etc.

The only downside to mentioning it is that sometimes a doctor will become fixated on that one thing and just insist that everything is due to TMJ. I’ve had that happen and when it does I find another doctor.

My best ~ Molly

Interesting…Never had a broken jaw, but all of this started for me after having an upper wisdom tooth removed. My new dentist keeps telling me he thinks it is TMJ, however that would not explain the laundry list of symptoms I have. I did have a night guard made and it has not made a difference in the frequency of my migraines or dizziness.