Broken Links or missing uploads

There are probably too many to cope with en masse, but if you personally come across any broken links or missing uploads that you’d particularly like me to fix (if possible), please let me know in this thread.

James, any idea why so many of the old document links don’t work?

For example, if you go to this discussion thread:

And try to open this document:

You’ll get this error:
Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.

This happens for a lot of PDF documents that are linked in old threads.


Ah. I copied over the forum but it may have left the uploaded PDFs behind. Let me see what can be done. Thanks for pointing out.

They weren’t working on the “old” forum, either…

Aha! Which means the files were probably not on the last server in the first place … the forum has had a number of homes in its life and was not originally based on the Discourse engine, maybe some of the links were broken when it was ported to Discourse - we might have to see if we can source the originals again and re-upload them … in priority order

That would explain it, as it seems to be the older files. Maybe Adam saved copies of them on his local hard drive.

I’ve raised with him … hopefully he’ll respond on the matter.

Anna, I’ve re-uploaded that file on the original post - new link should now work, please confirm

Post was here:

If there are any other files people are really dying to see restored let me know. Please give them to me in a priority order as I will deal with them on an ad hoc basis, most crucial first when I have a spare moment.

Yes, it works! Thank you!

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@gidlabu drew my attention to the broken links on the 2014 Vestibular Migraine Survival Guide … these are now fixed, but let me know if you have any issues.