Hi @mazzy , I’m not sure if you’re still on this site, but I saw that you’re using Bryonia? Did you find it helpful? Did you have any side effects? I’m trying a Naturopathic doctor (after trying 13 preventatives) and she wants me to try it. Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

Hi Jess, yes, I still pop by this site, but find I have little to add as I am not familiar with any of the meds people use. Sadly, the Bryonia did nothing for me. However, we are all different it seems, and I am primarily a Meniere’s sufferer…still not sure whether the MAV symptoms are part of the progression of the MD, or a separate entity! I have tried a number of natural/homeopathic supplements, and am presently mostly symptom free. I’m not willing to actually claim help from what I’m taking as experience has taught e that Meniere’s comes and goes of its own free will! I am currently sticking with Biocurcumin (concentrated tumeric for inflammation), Ginko, vit B complex, magnesium , and feverfew when needed for head fullness/slight headache…which seems to ease the pressure. I am also still on a regimen of Vit C, Lysine, and olive leaf, … also vit D and a natural immune booster which is primarily for this Covid19 thing??? I will be discontinuing the last 5 once the current bottles are empty - and will then possible see if they actually helped?? Good luck! I hope you find something that helps you! By the way - so far I have had no side effects from any of the supplements or homeopathics I have tried, unlike meds which sadly often affect me adversely.