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Burning in feet

Hi everyone,
I am curious to know if anyone has experienced burning in their feet after any pressure has been applied under them (other than walking).
For example: Sitting in a chair with feet resting on the bar under the chair (even for only a few minutes) and once I walk around my feet burn where my feet had once been resting on the bar.
I noticed it first in bed, my heels would burn from the pressure of my bed below them even after only a few minutes…
This all started before I began my Topamax so I don’t believe that there is a link to that.
Just curious if anyone else has experienced this!

I get a burning pain in the bottom of my feet sometimes. No idea why other than those of us who tend towards the complex migraines have more nerve involvement. For years my calves used to feel wet. Weird. Get migraine under control and all these strange things calm down.

Huh interesting… I think I know what you mean about “wet” calves but I think I have similar sensations in my calves that I perceive as “cold”…

Cold would also apply. It makes you think a lot about perception versus reality.

Wow, and I thought twitching calves felt weird.

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Hi @LizB6119 I get burning feet and legs at night - keeps me awake and is very annoying. I don’t think it is related to my medication as I have had it for many years - before I succumbed to MAV. I thought it was linked to going through the menopause but I will be 66 in a couple of weeks so surely it can’t still be that! Jan :slightly_smiling_face:

If you have other valid reasons for believing a link with menopause please don’t discount them in view of your age. My maternal grandmother had hot flushes in her seventies. Menopausal symptoms seem to last twenty years and more for some women despite what some medics may think.

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