Burring vision?

dose anyone here with mav find one day they have one eye blurry and then the next day its the opposite eye. whats with that?
is this mav doing perminant damage to our vestibular and sight or is it just transient .

I’ve been having trouble with blurry vision lately too - although I haven’t noticed it being in one eye and not the other. It does come and go though. Mine seems to get worse with motion (like riding in a car). I know it is common with vestibular disorders. I think it is mostly from the nystagmus (your eyes jerking around). What is confusing to me is that mine has been worse now that I am actually starting to feel better…it seems like it should be the opposite. (?)

Hi Allison, I didnt know vestibular disorders can cause blurring vision.
the only time my eye’s have bounced is when i’m on the computor and use the mouse to scroll down, my eye’s jump up uncontrolably before the page has scrolled. strange, some one told me its called down beat or was it upbeat nystagmus. strange!
i worry about my eyesight as so many things change with aura. black dots and sometimes vision go’s completely browny yellow colour.
cheer’s jen

I often get blurry vision (but I can’t say I have noticed it in one eye more than the other) - mostly just before a vertigo/migraine bout. If I take stemetil it makes my vision crystal clear, sometimes Maxalt has the same effect - it is only then that I realise just how blurry it has been.

I’m pretty sure it doesn’t result in permenant damage as my vision is 20:20 the rest of the time.


What you describe sounds like an aura to an occular migraine. I have never experinced blurred vision as you describe, but I have read about it in my research of migraines in general.