BuSpar Anyone?

Has anyone found relief on this med? Would a doc recommend this for MAV/anxiety/panic???

I use to take this years ago for Panic attacks and worked wonders!!! LOVED IT, so wondering if maybe I should just try something easy going…I am so bad off, I woudl be happy to be 50% better! I have had this 13 yrs and I somehow have learned to function most days so I think I could do so much more if at least half of it was gone!!!

ANy thoughts woudl be great!!!
Donna Jo

Donna Jo,
Pardon me if I am redundant, but it’s hard to keep everyone’s story/meds straight. :slight_smile:
I took Buspar and it did help at first, but then my anxiety kept coming back after upping the dose a few times. I have heard that you need to take 30mg consistently to really get the best results. This med hits only one receptor, the 5ht-1, which is mostly for mood/anxiety. It is really selective, and very low on the side effects. If it worked before, I don’t see why you wouldn’t try it again??
Good luck!

It worked before on my anxiety only but I was not having the 24/7 unsteadiness/balance/issues, so wondering if it could work for that maybe…I just would liketo try the easier drugs first…scared already of the meds and I am still a month away from my appointment!


I would def give the buspar a chance to work again before trying more meds…since you are having these problems, it could be a serotonin issue for you, and that might just do the trick. If not, don’t be afraid of trying soemthing that might give you some relief. Some people get good results from very low doses of meds, and if you experience anything that bad, you can taper off…

Thanks so much for your thoughts!!!