Buspar (Buspirone)

Hi all
I started Buspar (buspirone) anti anxiety medication 5 days ago .
It’s not a preventative for migraine , just something to take the edge off the anxiety.
Since Valium and other Benzo’s help us, I dicided to give buspar a go.
I heard about it many years ago , but had forgotten about it until Kelley reminded me of it.

looking foward to it reaching full potentail in a few weeks.
Already feeling the “dopamine seratonin” has lifted and given me much more needed energy.
I was a little funky in the head for a couple of days, for day 4 I’m happy with not feeling any side groce effects.

I’m also on effexor.
Thanks Kelley. :smiley:


Glad your starting to feel better. I tried effexor but had a bad reaction to it. Hoping you find relief and keep it. :slight_smile:

I’m on day 6 and so far I’ve gotten more
dizzy but anxiety is better. What dose are
you taking? What dose effexor are you on?
We are walking a similar med path as I’m on
cymbalta too.
My visual dizziness still not going away yet.
I remember being on remeron and it really
helped but then pooped out on me. Therefor
I know it’s some neurotransmitter that needs
tweaking. I am hopeful this combo will work.
Keep me posted on ur progress!

Thanks Dizzwoman, got to keep trying hey?

Hi Kelley,
I’m on 75mg effexor have been for a long time,
Helps a lot, but hasn’t taken away the anxiety hit’s that the migraines bring on.

I’m only on 5mg of Buspar right now; I’ll stay there for now “going slow”
Last night I had some random pains in my body, and felt dizzier than normal,
But as you said the anxiety is much better.
It would be nice if this stuff worked like a benzo , quick fix , but it doesn’t.
Like you, I definitely “feel” some type of change in how it’s hitting something in there that needs a shove.
More energy! That’s a bonus.

I’ve had good days and bad, my sleeping problems haven’t resolved yet.
That’s a biggie for me.
Let’s hope it get’s us where we need to be, to cope.

I’m going to be leaving progress reports every now and then,
Cool if you could too, we could use this post to do it?

Take care and good luck. :wink:

Hey Jen,
I’m on 5 mg as well… 50 of cymbalta.
Are you taking buspar 2-3 times a day.
It is supposed to be divided due to short
half life. Because it increases my dizziness
I’m tempted to only take it at night. I’m
not as dizzy in morning because it wore
off while sleeping. Not sure it would work
1x daily.
What are you doing for sleep? U had that
problem in cymbalta and thought it was
from the norepinephrine. I was taking
sleeping pills but wanted a natural solution.
Which I’ve now found. I drink “bedtime” tea
right before bed. They sell it at target and
whole foods. Then I take 3 mg extended
release melatonin, and 25mg 5htp. It works
really well. Sleep us a huge trigger fir me
and I suck when I miss it. Now I’m good 7-9
hours a night. Valerian root works well too
but it increased my dizziness. I hope you’ll
try my recipe!! :slight_smile:

Hey Kelley,
I’m only taking it once a day (morning) with my other meds,
as I found I need the meds to wear off before bedtime, or I stay awake, Not sure why?
I slept well last night.
Also take melatonin.
Haven’t tried a tea, I worry about herbs interacting with my meds, I’ll look into it though.
So the valerian root doesn’t interact with you’re antiD’s ?
I use valerian years ago and it worked.

Scottie mentioned the 5HT last week,
The buspar also hits the 5HT receptors, and so I wasn’t sure if they’d go well together,
I’m always worried about interaction with my meds.
And about seratonin syndrome with my effexor.I’ll have to ask my Doc about it, see what he say’s.
It’s a bit confusing, when my heads stuck in a migraine all the time.

Thanks for all the ideas; I’ll have to check them out.
I’m finding the buspar is making me a little sleepy at times.
It’s interesting how these meds morph along the way.
Just have to wait it out and see what happen.

Thanks again Kelley.
I’m feeling better each day.

Jen :smiley:

Lol Jenny has white coat syndrome. :slight_smile: Me too!

The buspar hits a particular receptor, the 5 ht1a receptor, which is supposedly the anxiety trigger. It hits dopamine a little too…no norephinephrine as far as I can tell. The 5htp, from what I gather, is a general precurser
to serotonin and it doesn’t hit any one in particular. It gives your body what It needs to make sero, and then I think your body either uses it or not. It works for some and not for others. I understand what you mean about the
serotonin syndrome and that is why I only use 25mg. The recommended dose for insomnia is 300mg at night. I dump most of it out of a 100mg capsule. But it worked from day one, so I can’t dispell that it can help.

The docs never used to rx more than one AD at a time and now it’s quite common to have “cocktails” of these drugs to help knock out the symptoms. Some docs more conservative than others…There is a drug called Remeron that
is rx’d commonly with Effexor and other AD’s to help with anxiety and sleep. I used it alone and it worked well. IF you look it up at Wikipedia, it will list the neurotransmitters it hits, and also says that it would help prevent sero syndrome
at it is an antagonist of certain sero receptors. I found it very interesting. IT worked great for me, but pooped out. But others love it. It can supposedly make you gain weight, but i didn’t gain a pound and was on it for about 4 months.

Keep me posted!

Thanks Kelley ,
I’ll go check it out on wikki.
appreciate youre imput.
I slept well again last night, Must be the buspar as nothing else has changed.

Cheers jen