Butterbur and feverfew

Hi guys

Can you please tell me reliable websites to buy vitamins proven for migraines?

Moreover for people living in Australia, which retail outlet sells butterbur and feverfew? I have tried at priceline and healthlife but they don’t have it. I have also tried random vitamin stores and pharmacies in and around the Sydney CBD area but again with no success.


I can’t help you on where to buy them (I’m in the US), but I do want to mention - I just spent 7 weeks on butterbur and it didn’t help at all. And cost me $100. If you’re really set on trying it, though, my neurologist insisted I use the “Petadolex” brand of butterbur. Apparently the study that shows it works for some migraineurs used that brand, but most importantly, from my understanding, it’s the only “regulated” brand (because it’s sold in Germany, where the government regulates herbal supplements) and Petadolex uses a method of removing the toxins (which can cause liver damage), that other brands don’t necessarily do.

I never tried feverfew, it has some potential side effects I wasn’t keen on. If I remember correctly, I think Scott said he tried it once and ended up with rebound headaches from it after he went off it. (Could be wrong, maybe he’ll chime in here…)

Hi All,

So I’ve been trialling Feverfew as I’ve been reading some good reviews and as a natural antihistamine to replace the Ceterizine I’ve been using with some good success over November.

So far so good the feverfew has exceeded my expectations with a really positive effect on my dizziness, photophobia etc nausea and head pressure has also improved a lot, now, either the feverfew is working or it is coinciding with a good few days, or it’s working.

Fingers crossed🤞

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Hey Matty, are you still taking feverfew? Do you recommend it?

Thank you

Hey Brain it seems to work for a while in fact I thought it had cured me at one stage, but I found the good effects diminished over time and it did effect my stomach like asprin unfortunately so I stopped it

Hello @Matty73

How long did it work for you before it stopped? Did any of that improvement remain permanent? Have you tried to use it again? last question how are your symptoms these days? I just got some from amazon but am a bit scared to try it because I just started a bunch of other supplements

Hi Brian

Not sure when it stopped working I was taking it and started to feel a little more dizzy despite it. The problem for me is that any inflammation causes dizziness and thats especially true with stomach related trouble asprin does the same, overall my symptoms have lessened 2 years in ,most days at 75-80%, headpressure comes in the afternoon and evening.Dizziness if walking and turning to look at something.
My advice would be to try it but on its own to see if it works not with any other supplements.

Good luck🤞

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