Butterbur working?!

I REALLY hope this is not just coincidence, but the butterbur and B2 the neuro recommended appears to be working! I hope I don’t jinx myself by coming on here to share but I thought it was time for some good news. I have been very dizzy and 2 days ago took 3 capsules ( I bought the quick relief Petadolex) and one hour later I felt normal. Then I took another two capsules before bed. By morning I was 80%. By afternoon I felt dizziness coming back so again took 3 more capsules. One hour later, dizziness gone. I repeated the bedtime dose and today woke up the most normal I have felt in over 2 months. Now I’m out of the Petadolex and they are out at the store! I’m going in search of more tomorrow just in case it really is the answer and not just coincidence. Fingers crossed! But the god news is that even though I have only had two capsules of the petadolex today, I’m maintaining normal. Praying for the same tomorrow.

Send updates…

I’ve just started on petadolex (butterbur) today… It says it can take up to 2 months to be fully effective.

Will post any progress here…

Good luck keep us updated.

What amount you taking?

I’m taking 1 x 50 mg daily. It seems to have rave reviews wherever you read about it but its hard to get in this country due to regulations around alkaloids which are harmful to the liver.

Petadolex is 100% free from these.

where can you buy this from? i live in the UK

Hi Dean, is the butterbur/pedatolex best for helping with the pain of migraine or is it supposed to help with dizziness/vertigo as well?

Is it safe to take alongside other migraine meds? Did anyone ask Dr S about it?

Hi Jem,

It is meant to be a migraine preventative. It works by relaxing the blood vessels in the brain. Hard to know if it helps with the dizzy element but I guess the two go very much hand in hand.

I haven’t asked Dr S about it but shall mention at my next appointment.

During clinical trials it was shown to reduce migraine by 62%.


This was the place I ordered it from…

supplementcenter.co.uk/brain … n-aid.html

You can find reviews for it everywhere… Search for either butterbur or petadolex.

Thanks Dean. Not cheap is it, but worth it if it helps! Let us know how it goes x

I thought I posted this, but apparently something failed in transmission. I wanted to put this out there in the interest of giving everyone full information. This is by the NY Headache Clinic explaining how manufacturing practices in Germany for Petadolex have changed so that they no longer recommend it. I should go on to say that I ordered Petadolex and fully intend to continue with my trial of it regardless of the attached.


nyheadache.com/blog/butterbu … ommend-it/

Hi Andy,

I think I come accross something like that. I’m not overly concerned considering I’ve tried many herbal supplements before without issue and we completely trust those. This product seems about as safe as your going to get. After trying topamax and seeing some of those side effects listed, this should be a walk in the park!


oh butterbur isnt safe!! :frowning: maybe I wont try it then!!

hollandandbarrett.com/Health … %7edefault

— Begin quote from "Cockrel01"

Hi Andy,

I think I come accross something like that. I’m not overly concerned considering I’ve tried many herbal supplements before without issue and we completely trust those. This product seems about as safe as your going to get. After trying topamax and seeing some of those side effects listed, this should be a walk in the park!


— End quote

I feel the exact same way, Dean. I take Lipitor for cholesterol – one of its side effects is liver toxicity. Big deal. I’d gladly turn a little yellow to get rid of the dizzies. If we didn’t deal internationally we would never know about this because the FDA, in its infinite wisdom, doesn’t regulate this stuff. LOL.


Rob, your link didn’t bring anything up…

I think with all things on the Internet you can interprete how you see fit. All this is really saying is that the processing practice for removing the alkoids has changed and thus they can no longer recommend it.

The supplier has a patent for their removal process and declare that it is safe to use and free from harmful levels of PSA’s.


Each to their own really, it’s just worth giving a go from my standpoint. It’s effects are highly proven and has no notable side effects.

Gabapentin isn’t licenced/approved for migraine treatment but it still gets used.

Yes, Dean. I agree. Typically, the fact that the FDA has approved something means that the former drug company executives who now sit on the FDA approval panel have determined that they can safely hide the negative studies and facts about the drug long enough to get enough Americans dependent on it so that they can’t do anything about it later on.

OK, that was a little too cynical.

But not much.



Here is a response given to that quote from the NY Headache guy. Although the new process of extraction didn’t go through Germany’s system again, it has since been studied and still found to be free of PAs. Everything has its risks, but personally I still feel pretty confident in the safety of the Petadolex brand butterbur and still plan to use it. Just in case, I will have my liver panels drawn on occasion to make sure my body is handling it.


Quote in case someone is having trouble with the link:

— Begin quote from ____

We appreciate Dr. Mauskop’s concerns regarding the safety of Petasites (butterbur) extract that was reviewed in the American Academy of Neurology guideline for complementary preventive migraine treatments in adults.1 Dr. Mauskop is correct that the formulation Petadolex, which was the formulation of Petasites subjected to controlled clinical trials examined for the guideline, underwent reformulation and that the current formulation is not registered in Germany. However, the formulation that was used in the clinical trials reviewed for the guideline was the replacement formulated in 1988 (Reiter Rittinghausen, MD, CEO, Weber and Weber GmbH and Co., personal communication). The new formulation was evaluated for pyrrolizidine alkaloids and none were found, as was recently confirmed by Avula et al.5 This study demonstrated that the Petadolex formulation of butterbur extract was among only 7 of 21 formulations that contained the active petasins in the amounts stated in the label. In addition, from a safety perspective, these same authors found no detectable toxic pyrrolizidine alkaloids in the Petadolex samples. This reinforces the efficacy and safety of the recommendation for the butterbur extract. Indeed, as Dr. Mauskop suggests, there are continued concerns regarding the use of natural products and the lack of consistent, regulatory review of these products that are openly marketed in the United States.

— End quote

Update on the Butterbur –

Received the Petadolex on Saturday and started taking it on Sunday. Why did I wait a day? I was having a good day on Saturday so I decided not to change anything. I went for a massage with a new therapist who was really outstanding and that seemed to be helping with the disequilibrium feelings – perhaps due to the work she put in on my neck. Started with 3 of the fast-acting Petadolex in the AM and then one later in the day. I’ve done that Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and today.

On the whole, I think I have maintained that somewhat improved feeling. I don’t feel perfect and after a day at work and a lot of stress, I feel the “off” feeling, but I think it is definitely sufficient for me to continue with the trial. I intend to use the fast acting until I use them up (I bought 3 boxes of 14) which should be early next week and then go down to 2 a day on the regular version.

I will update this as warranted.


Hi all, I thought I’d check in. I maintained my dizzy free feeling…until today. BUT I never did continue the petadolex because I couldn’t find anymore. So if I manage to get my hands on some today and it works again the same way I think it might have before then I can officially say I hit the bullseye. I have, however, come to believe that my hormones are likely playing a role but if the petadolex helps by breaking the cycle then great! I will report back…stay tuned.