I recently dipped in and out of the migraine brain book by Carolyn Bernstein. Can’t read properly as I go very sick and dizzy. In one chapter it said that caffeine was used as a migraine remedy at times even though you should avoid caffeine in your diet. I put it to the test having not had any caffeine for 6 weeks. Got migraine from hell the other night from mail polish smell. It just wouldn’t clear at all even when aura gone so I drank a full can of coke. Tasted bloody good and hey presto migraine went after about an hour. Might have been coincidental and will probably test it again sometime to see. Angela

Caffeine is well known to help headaches. However, consuming it everyday, in the long run can make headaches worse or chronic.

Yes it’s down to the rebound effect. I think Buchholz explains it in his heal your headache book x

So having a can of coke a day when my daily headache starts won’t stop it in the long run?

I would like to know how to get off caffeine? I only drink one cup in the morning which I feel actually causes dizzy/vertigo problems later in the day but when I have tried to quit that one little cup I go through the WORST withdrawl and headaches I’ve ever had in my life! I can’t even describe the pain (as I don’t get the horrible migraine headache, just every other symptom including chronic daily headaches) so I have never made it past day 3. And Advil and Tylenol do nothing to help it. Anyway, when I finally break down and drink the coffee, that horrible migraine from the caffeine withdrawl disappears within 30 minutes! How in the world do any of you quit caffeine? It’s the only thing on the diet I can’t handle giving up! I would have to take 2 weeks off work and lie in bed to get through it. Man, I call that one cup my heroin cup!



I think its v imp to stick out the headaches and see what happens. I too used to wonder how on earth will I b able to stop consuming my daily fav cup of coffee. I used to take 3 cups a day. Well it was tough and I miss it v much and get so jealous when people around me r all having it. But I can tell u that I have felt a reduction in anxiety, headache and vertigo after stopping though initially I did have withdrawal effects. My withdrawal effects were no where as debilitating as yours but I think u shud try to stick it out. Who knows in the long run u might notice a difference which u may never find out if u dont try

I did it just like any other drug…slowly…cut down you volume a little more each day till you don’t have any…Advil for a few days if bad, and then hopefully neither one…good luck Leslie.

Thanks Jaybird,

I guess I will go from one cup to 3/4 to 1/2 to 1/4 to nothing? This sucks! Can’t drink alcohol, can’t drink coffee? I live in freaking suicide alley! People here (espeially if you’re not born and raised here) need their coffee! I’ll try during Christmas break. I have 2 weeks off.

That’s when my husband is going to do his caffeine detox, too! He’s mostly had stress letdown migraine headaches (weekends, holidays), but he’s also had a few auras and even some dizziness. We like to share things, but I’m sorry that he had to join me in the dizziness department!!

Taking caffeine regularly for migraine headaches is like an alcoholic taking a stiff drink for daily hangovers. Yes, it will make you feel better temporarily, but you’re just dragging out the problem, not solving it.

I used to LOVE iced tea. Daily. Didn’t know how I’d live without it. Well, I live just fine. I think of it now as poison for my migraine brain.

Maryalice do u think ice lemon tea has caffeine in it?its the most popular cold drink in singapore and I replaced it with coke. But from your post it sounds like I may have to stop that too.

Nabeel, I’m afraid any tea that is not specifically called herbal tea is regular tea and therefore has caffeine in it. Sorry! :frowning: