Calcium- Channel Blockers

I haven’t posted in awhile, but used to regularly, Anyway, I’ve been reading a few articles on Calcium-Channel Blockers, and how your chance of getting Breast Cancer is more than double if you’ve been on one for 10 years or more …well, I LOVE my Verapamil but I have been on mine for 7 years. I’m thinking I need to wean off it or stop all together. I can’t see my doc until this summer and not sure if I want to wait to ask her about it. I’m on 3 daily preventatives and have been for 7 years and have my life back about 95% + each day…I hate to mess with that by stopping one of the meds…but I guess I need to?

Yikes. That’s a little (or more than a little) concerning… I’ve been on Verapamil for 2 years now. Wouldn’t want to give it up, either, as it’s the only thing that’s helping right now. Can you try messaging or calling your doc to get her thoughts before your summer appointment?

pam do u know which meds are the most effective for you? are you able to work and function normally now? have you had to up your dose on meds at all over the years?