Hi there,

I’m new here and have had a rough roller coaster ride as the rest of you.

My Dr. put me on a newer drug called Cambia.

Has anyone tried this? I have been on it for only 2 days but no positive results yet.

Would love to hear! Thank you!

welcome to the forum. I did a little looksie on Cambia, and it seems that it is prescribed for acute migraine, not migraine prophalaxis? Please let me know what your doctor said about it.
We are always hoping for new and hopeful info!!

hi there!

thanks for checking and yes, i believe you are right. my nuerologist gave it to me as the first treatment but basically it’s ib profen and will work wonders for people that feel a migraine coming on but not for mav…maybe i need to switch doctors? =) i did try it and it of course did not work.

i started inderol and steroids so here is hoping that after 1 month plus of spinning constantly, this will work!

thanks for checking and the reply!

I haven’t heard of steroids being used for MAV, but beta blockers are a big first line treatment drug. HOpefully it works, and yes, I would suggest seeing a migraine specialist if you can!