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Can an Osteopath help?

Hi, has anyone been to an Osteopath? And has it helped? :?:

Yes I went to an osteopath and found it of some benefit.

In fairness I also had a foot/leg pain issue as well as she helped diagnose that and ultimately put me on to a podiatrist.
Regarding the MAV I did find some of the neck/shoulder massage manipulation helped as well as cranial osteopathy but I think the effects were fairly short lived. If nothing else though it did help provide some short term relaxation when I was at my worst and also I think there is some psychological benefit in just going and seeing someone regularly, I know I always feel a bit better when I’ve just seen the doctor.
Also she suggested trying a Pilates class which I am now doing and I have started to find this beneficial after a few weeks.

Good to hear - Thanks

I’ve been seeing my osteo for years (since before vestibular migraine hit me). He says my neck/shoulder/back issues are caused by the migraine, not the other way around (very true for me), but he says that keeping those muscles and joints limber helps with some relief, which is also true for me. Osteo treatment for me is not a cure but it is a tool in my arsenal for managing the VM.

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Just what I’d say about myself too. In fact I’ve rather proved it in that since further increasing my dose of preventatives which has reduced/eliminated more head pressure and made me feel overall more stable the stiff neck, tight muscles have gone. I can however see how an Osteopath might be an option as an adjunct to improvement in comfort. Must admit it’s not a option that ever crossed my mind although I have tried various alternative type therapies in the past.

Seems osteopaths actually offer treatments for migraine. Modern acupuncture (dry needling) etc in addition to the usually associated manipulations. Seems too they have their own opinion about its origins too. According to the one I was reading about

”Migraine is associated with an overload of Tyramine from food”

And I was surprised to find an article relating to that on an osteopath’s website.