Can anyone recommend a good forum for normal migraines?

My friend said this forum was extremely helpful to her and I am looking for the same thing for my daughter (14 years) who is experiencing frequent bad migraines that seem to be bought on by the weather, stress and possibly hormones at this age. We are located in Berlin, Germany and I am looking for a forum (regular migraines) plus any good migraine specialists (English speaking) in Berlin or anything that can help for that matter. We are all miserable with this situation. She has had an EEG, eye tests, and allergy test. Both EEG and eyes showing fine, but high allergy counts for everything. Started the “migraine diet” which helped a lot, bought it down from every third day to one per week right now. When she gets the migraines badly the medication the GP gave does nothing. (i.e… we take ibuphen sometimes and GP gave Novaglin) so we just have to sit it out with natural remedies, bad ones last from 8.30am - 9.30pm. -----Thank you if anyone can suggest any thing