Can BPPV turn into MAV?

I was reading one of the articles that Dr. Hains did and it said that

“Approximately one-third of patients with BPPV have migraines”

Does this mean that people with mav will experienxe BPPV or people with BPPV will get MAV?

What are your gus experience?

Hi James,

Two things you need to know about this:

  1. People with migraine are 3X more likely to experience idiopathic (direct cause unknown) BPPV attacks. This data comes from very large epidemiology studies. It occurs in migraineurs more than any other group. However, just because you have BPPV does not mean you are a migraineur.

  2. People who have never experienced migraine symptoms but then go on to have a BPPV attack (could be triggered by a bump on the head for example) can be catapulted into vestibular migraine. It’s also called a “Big Bang” event that sets off the migraine brain. Of course you need to have been born with a migraine brain in order for this to happen in the first place.

Hope that helps.