Can I create a healthy baby with MAV?

I’m about one month pregnant, and have horrible MAV symptoms. I am extremely dizzy and off balance, seeing double sometimes, headaches, my body is completely weak and shaky, tired, and these symptoms are 24/7. I’m worried if my body can create a healthy baby while I’m in such a state of dysfunction. Does anyone know if MAV can affect the health of my baby, or if it doesn’t make a difference? I’ve tried asking doctors, and they say they don’t know.


Hi Lauren

First of all, congrats on your pregnancy! I’m not 100% sure if MAV can affect the baby, but I can’t imagine it will. There are several posts on here of a couple women that have given birth to healthy babies in the past six months (I believe), so stay positive!

The first trimester isn’t the easiest in the best of circumstances, and I’m sure the increase in hormones must be taking a massive toll on your MAV sympoms. God knows the monthly cycle is tough enough for most of us! As for the baby, listen to your doctors. Try your best to take it easy and rest. Hopefully you’ll feel better the second trimester once the hormones settle down a bit.

Good luck!

Yes me six weeks ago even whilst on meds you will get through this keep strong X

I feel for you so very much. I had 2 babies while I had MAV. I was essentially bedridden for both pregnancies - I have a very severe MAV case and was/still am :frowning: EXTREMELY sick. But, having MAV, does NOT affect your child’s health. AS long as you take care of yourself - go to your doc appts, eat, etc., it has no affect on your baby. I was as sick as could be and I have two extremely healthy boys. I was on zero meds for first pregnancy, and second stayed on very low dose nortriptyline. I thoroughly researched this, and looked into current studies on nort during pregnancy and was told it is safe. It didn’t help me with MAV (just a bit with head pain), though, but I didn’t want to go through drug withdrawal in addition to how awful I was feeling. i wish you the best of luck, and there is no need to worry about MAV hurting your baby. please just take care of yourself best as you can.

That was my worry and concern. Im 28 and am on remission almost non existent symptoms. But now Im suffering chronic constipation for i don’t know the reason. My stool is rock hard now and I eat healthy. All these accomulation of complication makes me second think about possible having babies in the future which my fiance is fine with not having any. I cant imagine not taking med for Mav if is returnes and now chronic and painful constipation while pregnant. Is it even possible to tough it out without meds during pregnacies?

Mirit - the chronic constipation is awful. Have you tried Macrogol - an osmotic laxative (recommended by my specialist) (Miralax - avail US.

Miralax didn’t work and was refered with GI

I just gave birth to two babies with MAV (identical twins) and they are perfectly healthy as far as we know! :smiley:
Despite the horrible symptoms MAV creates, it is ‘ONLY’ migraine! I don’t think migraine can cause any problems with pregnancy or the health of your baby, all it can do is make you feel ill.
Congrats on your pregnancy - i found i felt a bit less dizzy in 2nd tri, lets hope your symptoms improve too xx

Did you feel more dizzy after the birth Dee? x

I wonder if your hormones create some kind of extra energy to go through pregnancy and birth
or does it completely wear you out?
My boyfriend and I are thinking about kids - maybe in a year or two, but I can’t imagine being pregnant now… :?

No i didn’t feel more dizzy after the birth Jem, i stayed the same to be honest. I was soooo scared about getting much worse after the birth, it was my biggest fear, to be really dizzy and have two babies to care for but thank goodness (and maybe a guardian angel) i wasn’t. I wasn’t any better mind you but just stayed the same.

I have found chocolate/caffeine my biggest trigger at any time, maybe weather next and then hormones?

I am much better now 16 weeks later Dee was very lucky it did not get worse my Neuro told me December he is 100%certain I have MAV because of the dizziness afterwards which was severe for 8 weeks. I was also 95% in the second trimester tbh Dee mentioned guardian angels and at 8 weeks when I could bit take the dizziness any longer I asked my guardian angels for help and I got better after that coincidence maybe who knows but I even went shopping into town for hours last week with my Mom never thought I would get well again after my son was born but it did get better don’t put off having a child because of this illness xx

How are you feeling Lauren? I hope you are feeling a little better. As horrid as the symptoms are for you, I’m sure it won’t affect your baby. I hope you feel better as you reach the 2nd trimester x