Can someone explain the migraine diet please?

Im 18 and been suffering MAV since I was 3 years old (15 years), and It has ruined my whole life, it only got diagnosed when I was 16 but my doctor doesn’t tell me anything about this condition or give me advice. He just gives me propanolol tablets all the time which don’t help that much, so i’m feeling a bit lost.
But i’ve recently heard about ways to prevent mav and the migraine diet, so could someone please explain to me what the migraine diet is, what foods are suitable to eat and which foods i should avoid.
I’ve already cut out chocolate, as even the tiniest bit of chocolate made me sick and dizzy for days.
Thankyou very much for reading this and thank you to anyone who answers :slight_smile:


You need to find an mav specialist like I did and at least you can start getting your like back. It’s a long road and I’ve had it for years also and has ruined a lot of stuff. You need better meds than the pro? There’s so many out there and different combos. Which part of the uk are you from please? I’m on the mav diet. It’s just like the migraine diet, no choc, cheese, caffeine is a no, wine, and importantly no msg.


Thank you very much for your reply, every time I go to see my doctor he just gives me propranolol even though I say they dont work too much, im going try cutting out all the things you suggest so fingers crosses it works :slight_smile:
How do I go about seeing an mav specialist?

I live in scotland:)

Hi. I live in Scotland too. Suffered with dizziness/imbalance for about 15 years with the usual mix of mis-diagnosis until this year when I was sent to see a specialist called Dr Patrick Spielman in Dundee (on the nhs). You should try and see him - he has given me my life back! He eventually narrowed it down to MAV after lots of tests, although i never got a typical migraine, just pain behind 1 eye. Now on 10mg Nortriptyline and cut out chocolate, caffeine, cheese, msg and less alcohol which works ok for me 95% of the time. Also try to lead a more regular life, although its not always possible. Haven’t had a day off work since (I was off for 2 months last year). There is hope for anyone who is willing to try these changes.

Hi SpinningJo, Are you still on 10mg of nortriptyline or were you able to titrate off of it and just do the diet alone to control the symptoms? I’d love to hear how you’re doing! xx

Hi Liv85, I just went off Nortriptyline. I was on 25 mgs for three weeks and then 50 mgs for 4 weeks then 25 for three and then 10 for a week. I have been off for 9 days and feel great. I am strictly on most of the diet but for me, a small amount of chocolate (1 square for example or 1/2 piece of See’s) is okay. I stay away from MSG, Caffeine, Aged Cheese, Alcohol and mostly eat at home. There is plenty to eat on this diet. In the last 3 years my routine seems to be 10 to 14 months between episodes (the summer is always bad for me - I feel extra unavoidable triggers are present) and then I go on Nortriptyline for 10-12 weeks. I have outlined my correct diagnosis (finally) and my diet and how I approach unavoidable triggers at my blog if you have time. I have included a current shopping list and some recipes. There is too much to share here but I am finally in control. My hearing in my right ear is stable and tinnitus is reduced. The diet and being aware of triggers is key to staying off medication for me. Good luck to you. Spinning Girl (

Hey Spinning Girl, I’m glad you’re feeling great off nortriptyline! Thanks so much for the feedback and the advice. I too have dietary triggers, I think, but I need to be better about keeping a food diary. It seems that chocolate is one of them though along with citrus. MSG is bad news and it’s hidden in a lot of things, it seems, listed only as “natural flavors.” I’m trying topamax out for a few months - sticking with it this time at 50mg for four months at least - to see if it works for me. It seems to help. If not, I will go higher on nortriptyline perhaps. I’ll definitely check out your blog. Thanks again. Happy New Year! Liv xx