Can someone please explain

So before MAV you are living life normally… ie. eating what you like, drinking what you like, doing what you like etc…

Then an Event triggers the MAV ie. Stress release / Highly Stressful situation etc…

The key now is to find out what is keeping the MAV going right? so whether its something you are eating, drinking, doing etc etc

I just cant get it clearly in my mind… why would something you are doing after the MAV trigger, which is the same as something you did before the MAV trigger, keep the MAV going? why would it not have triggered the MAV in the first place?

And if stress was the trigger, once the stress is relieved, why doesnt the MAV dissapear? why does eating something like cheese keep it going…

Not the most eloquently put but just trying to put my thoughts out there. hope you can understand where im coming from (crazy land i know)

Great post! I wish I could explain but I feel the same exact way you do. Was diagnosed in January and was healthy up until then and whammmmm it hit out of nowhere and I’m still feeling the effects. I just want to feel “normal” again. I just don’t get it either. I’ve been Buchholz’s diet for almost 3 months. My symptoms have improved considerably, but I am not 100% and feel like I won’t ever be again. Doesn’t make sense!! Wish someone would figure it out.

I don’t fully understand it myself, but I think of it like an inflamation injury. For example, a few years ago when i injured my heel, basic stuff like walking would re-injure it. So every day I would keep re-injuring it. After about 6 months of the heel not getting better because of this I finally got a cortisone shot to reduce the inflammation and get the area to heal properly.

I don’t know if MAV is anything similar, because it isn’t an injury per se, but I feel like it’s an inflamed “state” that you get into where you are more sensitive than you used to be, and it is really hard to get out of. That is why stuff that didn’t used to bother you now does. Maybe someone else like Scott could explain this better.

My husband asked my doktor the exact same thing. His answer was: Its like an allergy. One day you cant tolerate something.

But I have wondered over this ever since… Strange!

This isn’t a very technical explanation, but our for our brains there seems to be a “Big Bang” event that changes things.

Sad to say, we aren’t quite the same after that - can’t get away with things we used to. We are like the Princess and the Pea. We are sensitive in ways we weren’t before.


This is the million dollar question…I ask myself all the time how I was totally normal for 43 years, and then bam! And I’m stuck in 24/7 Mavland…luckily the meds help but sheesh…I guess this is going to be the rest of my life???

I would like to share a response to the same question posed to an expert:

Migraine is a lifelong genetic predisposition for abnormal neurotransmitter release and cranial blood vessel spasms. When this affects nerves that sense pain, migraine events hurt. When it affects the eye or optic nerve you get eye symptoms. When it affects the inner ear you get hearing and/or balance symptoms.

Once migraine flares up the nerves and blood vessels become sensitized and are more likely to act up. Migraine events increase. When migraine symptoms occur more than 2 days per month, the underlying neurotransmitter and blood vessel spasm problem needs to be calmed down. Avoiding triggers, avoiding analgesics, regular sleep, regular mildly aerobic exericise and migraine preventative medications all work together to calm the migraine process down.

Migraine flare-up are not usually caused by a single trigger, though 1 is often more obvious than others. Removing only the obvious trigger is usually inadequate. Triggers include stress, alcohol, poor sleep, barometric pressure changes, food triggers, analgesics, hormone shifts, minor blows to the head.

Woah, minor blows to the head can trigger this thing?

Not only was I under massive stress when this started happening, but about 2-3 weeks prior to it first showing up I got clocked in the head while playing basketball by an idiot who was totally out of control. He head-butted me right under my chin and snapped my whole head back.

I never really thought much of it because it didn’t really do much except hurt. I didn’t lose consciousness or anything. No concussion-like symptoms. I just remember i had to take a few minutes off and when i tried to play again I couldn’t seem to do a damn thing right, so after about 10 minutes I left and went home. I always wondered if that had something to do with my issue.

Ironically I was playing ball to relieve the stress…