Can verapamil cause dizziness?

I have been taking verapamil for about a week and was wondering if it made anyone here dizzy or more dizzy. Prior to the verapamil, I was taking Effexor and started to feel amazing. Than after 10 days on fex, my dr added the verapamil for the final stab in MAVs throat. :lol: And soon after, my dizzies returned. But I am not sure if it’s the verapamil because at that time, I took a six hour road trip each way(did really good which was a welcome surprise), had my monthly cycle and did a lot of activity since I was feeling so darn good.

So I refuse to give up on any med unless I’ve given it the appropriate time frame to take affect and for se’s to go away. But darn, it is so frustrating because I had a taste of what it felt like to feel good again. Is it possible for the road trip to have this long of an after effect? I’m out on a medical leave from work and was really praying to be back by now so I can pay all these medical bills. Everyone keeps asking me when I’m going back to work as they really just don’t understand what this hell is like. I’ve been out from my job for 6 months and going crazy!

Anyway, mainly I wanted to find out if 1) has anyone has dizziness as se and if so, did it go away? 2) can a road trip cause all of this to happen? I really felt pretty good compared to what I have been feeling. I still can’t drive unless it’s really close.

Thank everyone as usual.


My 80 mg 3x/day bottle has a warning sticker on it that says it may cause dizziness. (That said, it was the 240 mg XR version that totally screwed up my head yesterday for a full 14 hours when I tried to switch over to it from the non-XR version. Guess I won’t be switching.) Anyhow, could DEFINITELY be the verapamil. Have you tried a lower dosage?

Since verapamil is an anti hypertensive and is used to lower blood pressure it can definitely cause dizziness. But it should be a different type of dizziness if it is causing low blood pressure. The dizziness would be most noticeable whe you change positions from sitting to standing or laying down to standing. I would have someone check your blood pressure. If the dizziness you are experiencing feels like your normal MAV symptom, I would think it is not the drug but rather just your MAV Kicked in again because of your trip or monthly cycle. hang in there.

Hey MP,

Yes this is what Verapamil did to me too. I stuck it out on that drug for about 10 days. Dizzier and dizzier all the time. Verap does not have a huge success rate and is rated as a second line treatment for migraine. Hope it’s not the V causing this for you but it is definitely a possibility.