Can you have a drink or 2 on Verapamil?

Not that I have been able to handle any alcohol at all but the holidays are upon us and my pharmacist says verapamil intensifies the alcohol and 1 drink might make me feel like I had 3. I feel weird not enjoying something with my family and friends but I’m pretty scared to find out. So if you have migraine and taking verapamil which my Doctor said is going to make me all better, I can’t ever drink again? Is there anyone on Verapamil that can have an occasional drink and it’s okay?


I’m not sure about drinking and Verapamil, but wanted to share that I know how you feel. Everyone I know drinks and I always feel a bit awkward not having one with them. I don’t want anyone to think I am judgemental of them for drinking!! I drank many years ago and ALWAYS threw up all of it. Now I realize that it must have have been migraine!! I know that most alchohol is a trigger though :mrgreen:


I used to enjoy drinking until this stuff crept up on me 4 years ago. I miss it. I can live without it I guess but I never had a problem with alcohol until then. Total bummer!

I asked my Dr. if I could drink on verap. He told me it’s one of the only BP meds that they don’t have to check your liver. I have a drink or two here and there and I’m fine. If you can tolerate the alcohol ( a lot of MAVers can’t) then I think you’d be fine. I take 240 mgs daily.

Pam, I don’t drink any more. However, I don’t see how anyone I care about could suspect me of looking down on them for drinking when I’m happy to taste theirs. A taste does me no apparent harm–I don’t swig.

I am like you in the fact, having drinks with our friends is part of our life style…only been on verp. For 6 weeks, and have only tried beer a couple of times and have found the thought of having a drink is better than the feeling I get actually drinking, can only have one beer and don’t want any more.
Hopefully people being on it longer will respond to your question. Cheers !

I am on 480mg daily, and Depakote, I have had a drink or two with no problems,but i cant handle any alcohol without getting a migraine headache so I dont realky drink :frowning: The other day I had one beer with my hubby and had an excruciating headache, had to take a triptan to abort it.

I know it’s a late reply, but may be useful for future reference! I take topamax, amitriptyline and verapamil. Wine kills me, MUCH more dizzy the next day, full blown migraine within hours. There are certain beers I can drink. Most I react to, but a select few I don’t. Unfortunatley it was trial and error. Vodka tends to sit best with me. I have been to multiple weddings over the past few months and have found I can drink multiple vodka cranberries with no ill effect : ) and yes, I do drink while taking Ativan. I figure, if I can find a way to let loose with this horrible illness I am all for taking it, at least on occasion :slight_smile:

I agree that some times a few hours of “feeling good” is worth feeling bad the next day, cause we never know if we would have felt bad anyway…you party on when it feels good!