Can you stand on one leg for 10 seconds?

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I absolutely cannot stand on one leg for ten seconds. I can’t stand perfectly still on both feet without gently leaning one way or the other randomly. When i did the balance tests with both an audiologist and neuro-otologist (you march on the spot with eyes closed and walk an invisible tightrope) they said i performed them well and within acceptable perameters. It didn’t feel like i performed them well at all, i was wobbling and drifting. When i marched on rhe spot with eyes closed i wasn’t facing the exact same way i was when i started. But because i was within acceptable perameters it was part of the reason they were able to diagnose VM. My balance is bad anyway because i have a foot problem but vm has made it worse .

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I find this interesting. When I started Vestibular Rehab, one of the things I had to do was stand on each leg and time it. Then with eyes closed. I can remember being so shocked and frustrated that I cried because I seriously could not do this for more than 5 seconds. Even with my eyes open. It seemed I relied a lot on my eyes for balance, as my ears and brain were all over the place.

I pride myself on good athletic ability. So I focused on this a lot at home… for weeks. And weeks! Gradually over a couple of months, with daily practice, I managed to get my balance back.

Maybe a good one to add to your daily routine that might reap rewards.


Did vestibular rehab help at all with your dizziness? Did it lessen it any? I’ve seen some say it helped but also alot say it does nothing.

Yes, VRT effectiveness is controversial imho see: POLL: Effectiveness of Vestibular Rehab (VRT) (I’ve also heard a doctor say that: “No data to support it”).

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I’m not 100% sure tbh. I know that over that time, it definitely improved, but was it rehab or meds, or time? Maybe a combo?

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I used to be a dancer so i too find it upsetting that I can no longer balance on one foot with my eyes closed. I can’t get to 2 seconds!