Can you take verapemil AND valium?

My frineds have noticed that I am panicking soon after my MAV attacks start, and reckon I should ask my dr for a small dose of valium or similar for such times.

I’ve read the drug info and can’t find any comments abot drug interactions between the two drugs - does anyone know?


You should be able to take these two together without any issues. Many people here rely on benzos for the times they are dizzy or when they’re ramping up on a new med. Myself included, although I haven’t had to take any for months now that I’m on a good med combination. I hope you get there too! Good luck!

Drug interaction website shows no interactions between the two. I sometimes if there is a minor or moderate warning, I just ask the pharmacist.
When it comes to the drugs, they are obviously way more knowledgable then docs. A lot of Hains medication cocktails have a moderate warning.


I’ve been taking both daily since August. If there has been a drug interaction I have not noticed :slight_smile: My Dr. prescribed them at the same time.

Thanks guys.