Cannabis and Vertigo

Anyone ever smoke weed to see if it would help?

Looks like it worked for this guy. Read the posts below. Quite a few people with vertigo claim it helps.

Wow here’s another one

When this first hit, in addition to being on the proverbial boat, I had horrendous, 24/7 neck and head pain which went on for weeks on end. I’d obviously avoided it as being dizzy, I figured being stoned in addition was just what I didn’t need.

However… couldn’t sleep (again) because I was in so much pain so gave it a go. Certainly no obvious adverse effects on the dizzies for me and a sneaky bedtime smoke was a godsend for the pain. Obviously can’t recommend to anyone else, but a little of what works 8)

Think the quality of your links may be questionable as well lol - recommendations for use in vertigo by the medical director for Cannabis!!! - hmm, possible bias methinks!! :lol:

Six – I smoked a few jays in Thailand over a year ago and was fine. Actually, I laughed my head off for hours and had a great night. :lol: I was also slamming back mojitos and although groggy in the morning, it didn’t cause me to become totally unstuck (the massages did). I don’t suffer from non-stop dizziness though and so I’m not sure how that would impact someone who was. It seems to help people with Meniere’s.