Cannabis now legal in the UK for some health conditions

Must be prescribed by consultants.

Not that I’m suggesting for a minute that UK board members should rush out and add it to their protocol - there are no doubt risks to consider.

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By what I’ve just heard we couldn’t if we wanted to add it to our arsenal. We don’t qualify. It’s only for epilepsy, MS, and plp with extreme nausea and vomiting from Chemotherapy treatment, and that’s the restrictions on the consultants. Not much of a giveaway, eh. They wouldn’t even leave the consultants to decide who qualifies. Helen

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If CBD oil can be available over the counter (the one with THC) then it will help MAV/VM folks. I had a chat with Dr.Hain and he says anecdotally he heard good reviews on CBD reducing symptoms in VM patients.

Haven’t taken CBD in a long time. But just did last night and my wife said I was snoring which is really rare and a good thing - I felt like it was the best quality sleep I’ve had in the last month.

My Neurologist also said that many of his patients benefit from it. But from a science point of view he said its really early and hard to study because of the complicated chemistry of the plants, different strains, and how to dose it.

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I’m not at all familiar with CBD Oil so have no idea what is available in the UK OTC. Not much I suspect. There are alot of disappointed people, mostly parents if kids with severe epilepsy right now which is a shame. It certainly seems to help them that got it from the US. Helen

Dr.Hain mentioned charlotte’s web as the make most folks liked.

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Yep I’ve been on their website, looks very reputable indeed.

Does anyone know if they ship outside of the US? The website suggests USA only so bit disappointed.

Do you mind me asking what dose you take? Thanks.

I have one from “organic joy” with 0 THC and i use that occasionally as a sleep supplement.

i have used several brands, it helps to sleep and helps with headache. @GetBetter interesting that Dr. Hain said it has helped patients. I’ve used Charlotte’s web. It is expensive!

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When i was able to use cbd oil, i started with Charlotte’s webb extra strength formula, 5 to 6 drops at night. It really didn’t do anything so i increased to half a dropper, then full dropper which is like 16 mg of cbd. I then started taking 2 full droppers which was extremely helpful and when it touched my anxiety. I later bought their original formula to save on cost, and took 3/4 of a dropper, 40 mg of cbd, my sweet spot. It helped my anxiety immensely. I was a complete mess. Migraine diet, supplements, cbd, and vrt have helped me. Though now pregnancy is making me have a lot more migraines with aura, making my vs worse, and overall just pausing my recovery. But anyway thats how i went about with cbd.

Yep very pricey and could only imagine shipping cost to Ireland :money_mouth_face: too, still researching for good brand this side of world. Hope you’re keeping well these days

Thanks a mill for the advice, going to get some to have on hand for the thumping headaches when they come, want it in my back pocket. It’s like meds, all trial and error

Thanks vigs, will Google that brand

Much so much shipping costs but there’s also import duty probably. I had to pay on Theraspecs and then, as it’s drugs, it might not even be legal anyway and would I imagine be turned back at Customs. Helen

Very good point Helen on the import duty plus customs… That’s all I need… Police at the door… Imagine me trying to explain mav… Ha ha… :sweat_smile:


Or, worst case scenario, explaining the Migraine Diet to the prison staff maybe? Perhaps someone would send you meals by drone?

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@SolarVivi so you stopped because pregnancy? I hope all goes well, keep us posted. I have been thinking a lot about having another baby, but right now I am on effexor and although doctors said it is safe to be on it during pregnancy, I just don’t want to risk it.

@dizzy3 yes, that is why i stopped. It has been very difficult as it is my first pregnancy and also been diagnosed with VM two weeks ago. Going to see my first neuro for migraines in a couple of weeks. So it has been very difficult to pinpoint what is given me the migraines with aura, the pregnancy or the vm, due to the food I’m eating. Cravings are unbelievable. I check ingredients diligently, but again not sure if its the food or pregnancy. Yes i read that effexor is safe during pregnancy, but i don’t blame you, i am not going to take any meds while pregnant or breastfeeding. I don’t want to risk it. I commend you for not letting this illness stop you from growing your family. But for me, at this moment, considering the hell i have gone through since June, before my pregnancy, and everything that is happening now, i just don’t see or want another baby. It is by far the hardest thing i have gone through in all of my 37 years of life.

@SolarVivi I am with you 100%. And I am also 37 years old. I got MAV 4 months postpartum. I think it is all the hormones. I was in pure hell a few months ago, I am still rocking but feeling more positive overall about life, so the idea of having another baby (mostly for my son to have a sibling) has been coming to me lately. I am not there yet at all, but maybe (although my partner says we won’t, because he saw me how miserable I was).

One thing doctors told me is that a healthy and happy mom is very important, so think about that when doctors offer you meds, now or right after your baby is born. You need to feel well to be able to take care and enjoy baby. Take care of yourself now and try to rest as much as you can.

Sending hugs!

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@dizzy3 Thank you so much for the great advice. I’ll remember that a healthy and happy mom is important. I’m so glad you are feeling better and hope you continue to improve. I am definitely resting, as I have no energy to do anything at the moment but eat. :blush:

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