Cant accept my diagnosis :(:(

I am struggling to accept my diagnosis because of the sudden one sided ear pressure with roaring tinnitus i have seems EXACTLY like mm and it terrifies me!! Out of no where(whether or not i have a migraine) my rt ear goes suddenly and i hve roaring low tone tinnitus with major bad ear pressure on tht side its lasted so far for about 6 hours each time.During this time my head feels under immense pressure and pulses and tingles,sounds turn into vibrations that make me dizzy.i feel woozy and nauseous.i have NO recorded hearing loss but during these episodes my hearing goes(or the pressure makes it seem that it dips)there is NOTHING wrong with my eustachian tubes so its not that causing these episodes…im frightened,i want to accept my mav diagnosis but i cant because this doesnt sound like mav at all!!!

I’m sorry you’re going thru that Danni, I agree that roaring doesn’t sound quite right. How yuk, how long have u had MAV? I see we re the same age.