Can't figure out whats wrong with me. Please help!

Not sure where to begin. It’s two years that I at least remember feeling like this but In February of 2013 I remember feeling sick in the morning. Nauseous and my head felt very unclear (hard to explain how it really feels) and when I walked into work I felt of balance and weird moments I could pass out but never did. I felt like this every morning the worst and it would slowly get less intense through out the day but not totally go away. It came to March of 2013 and I had two random panic attacks and work put me out a month on short term. Never had any since. I got back to work feeling much better, only seeing my normal doctor. They didn’t treat the morning sickness/head problem, only the panic attacks. Anyways I got back to work and all summer and fall I remember feeling fine then February 2014 came around and same symptoms came back. This time I decided to see my doctor about it and he suggested Vertigo and to see a Neurologist. Went to a Neurologist, did an MRI nothing came up. Went to a ENT and he had me do a VNG and nothing came back. Now i’m going back to the Neurologist because they narrowed everything down to migraines. I rarely have headaches and never overpowering ones. Apparently migraines don’t have to hurt? One thing I have noticed and wonder about is during the VNG they did a warm and cold water test inside my ears. It really got me feeling crappy. Can the temperature outside cause my situation? Winter and Summer? Hope I’m not missing anything and hope someone can give me input. Most days are a grind especially at work. Should I get a second opinion? Should I have allergies checked? I’m running out of ideas. Thanks

Try reading this viewtopic.php?f=1&t=2392…I hope it can help point you in the right direction.

I have never had a serious “headache” that would be considered typical migraine by most people. Yet, 4 years ago I got sick and it never went away…the weird off feeling, my vision seemed off and then the anxiety set in with worry. My best advice is to get the book “Heal Your Headache” and read it…it’s an easy read and it really described migraine. Migraine as a neurological issue can cause all these strange symptoms that are hard to describe. You may also ask your family and extended blood family to see if other people have had migraines, bad motion sickness or vertigo. That can be telling.
Good luck!