Cant sleep

Well o feel tired a lot but cant sleep. I sleep like when I was drunk, having heavy head, headache. Any suggestions?

You need to establish a good sleep regime. Defined sleeping quarters and times. In fact good regular routine all around should help, Try going walking to get tired. Reduce stimulation (blue light phones etc for an hour before bed). Get really calm. Wind down towards bed time. Google it. There’s lots of info out there.

Make sure you’re hydrated. Get a little mild exercise late in the day.

I am waking up a lot cause of the head pressure. Its the same as when you are drunk.

I have the same problem, although its got a lot better as my head pressure reduces over time.

I resort to CBD + THC + 3mg of Melatonin at times. Or Zquill. Cefaly helps knock it down too. And yes, a walk during the day with mild exercise helps. Or even an ice pack…

And Benadryl.