Can't take dose of Effexor today!

So somehow, I forgot to order another 30 day round of Effexor. Today is Sunday and my pharmacy is closed, so I will be without my 75mg dose today. I am already into 9 hours without it and am not feeling so well!!! Not to mention that its gray and gloomy outside…which doesn’t help. Any thoughts on how to make it until 9am tomorrow!!!


Hi Pam,

Missing one day should be ok. Just hit the next dose as per usual and any weirdness will vanish quickly. I can’t recall the half life of Effexor but I think it’s relatively short so you may feel a bit weirded out for a half day.

Hang in there. S

When I was trialing effexor I felt like garbage the two times I missed a dose. The half life is very short, so you will most likely have some side/withdrawl-effects.
Hang in there!!


I can relate to a day of feeling like crap after missing my daily dose of 150 mg. of effexor, especially if a low pressure front has moved thru. The good news is that you’ll very likely feel much better by mid-morning tomorrow after obtaining your prescription.


Thanks Guys!!! My doc called in 1 tablet, so I took that about 6pm. Got home to take it and realized that it was GENERIC!!! Thank God I only had til 9am the next morning to suffer through. Sooooooo appreciate the support on these boards. It has helped tremendously the last 4 years of this MAV trip!!!