Does anyone find carbonation triggers or worsens their symptoms?

Hey Marci,

I don’t drink soft drinks much anymore (a rare sprite) but do drink carbonated or sparkling mineral waters and nothing happens for me. Wow, yet another weird potential trigger. I’m surprised we don’t get a migraine from breathing.


Probably depends on how hard we’re breathing, Scott, and whether we’re having a good day or a hypersensitive one. Sigh (an example of breathing that’s GRAS).

I’m trying to determine if carbonation plays a part in my symptoms after drinking a diet soda. I’ve always blamed aspartame, but then I noted I sometimes get symptoms when I drink soda sweetened with Splenda. I use Splenda in other drinks and recipes and haven’t noticed an obvious reaction. Last night I bought a bottle of sparkling water without additives (I don’t know why, I’ve never liked it before :? ) and noticed a flare-up of symptoms after just a few drinks. Of course, there could have been something else triggering me that I hadn’t noted, but I’ve been wondering about this one for a while. I guess I’ll have to start experimenting with my beverages to try to pinpoint the culprit(s).

Hi there, I believe that carbonation exacerbates my imbalance/disequilibrium symptoms. Curious if you have learned any more about this since your last post.

Extract from the NHS website relating to,triggers

”Your turkey and cheese sandwich and small bar of dark chocolate might be a tasty lunch, but beware of the headache that could follow it. All these foods contain chemicals that can bring on a migraine. Other culprits include aged cheeses like stilton and brie, diet fizzy drinks, and processed meats and fish”

It’s so long since I drank a fizzy drink I’d forgotten why I never consume them though must admit Champagne is the only one I ever liked and as I haven’t taken alcohol for decades it’s no surprise.