Cardio as a trigger to my dizziness

Hi All,

I joined as a member today. Here is my story on MAV. I have no idea what triggered my rocking/floating sensation in May 2012, but it was quite intense. The floor below was moving, I couldnt read and lying down and closing my eyes was scary as I used to feel like I was on a boat riding high tide going up and down. I was told that it was an inner ear problem and I was on a month of betahistine, cinnarizine and piracetam and found relief for 6 months without any issues. In August 2013, I started to do a Beachbody workout named T25 (High intensity cardio). About 2 weeks into this programme, my sensation of rocking/floating came back to haunt me. My sensations are not debilitating, but still it makes me very anxious. I cant read, lying down alleviates this problem a lot and overall it doesnt make me feel normal at all. I met an ENT specialist this time and he put me on a one month course of Flunarizine 10 mg which made me feel better, but I stopped excercising. He diagnosed that I have MAV and not any inner ear issue. In May 2014, I started on to do some intense cardio excercise again and within 2 weeks, I am rocking and floating all over again. I am obese and trying to conceive. Loosing weight is very important for me, but each time I start to do something intense, my sensation comes back in full throttle. Do you guys have any pointers for me in terms of whether I should continue excercising hoping that my body would adjust? Do you go through such a thing yourself? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am currently walking, but I am not someone who enjoys walking. Swimming is not an option for me, water makes me very imbalanced right from when I was a kid. Please advise.


Strenous exercise is a trigger for most. My son could not make it through football camp no matter how hard he tried. Most specialist recommend mild aerobics. I think the regime you are trying may contine to trigger migraines. We all need to exercise. Good luck!