Cat scan findings please read FYI very important in my opinion

It’s been 7 months since my initial attack of what I thought to be MAV my symptoms have been everything that you all experience, and what made my doctor prescribe Topiramate was the fact that I have a cousin who was diagnosed with MAV by a neurologist. Of course MAV tends to be hereditary and all symptoms indicated that this is what we are dealing with, and I’m still not saying I’m not BUT my cat scan also shows something else that has similar symptoms. I had a CT scan with contrast done and they found stenosis of the subclavian artery and it asks if I have had symptoms of subclavian steal syndrome? Please follow the link and read about it and please request a cat scan with contrast to investigate if you could possibly have this too. Basically it is the artery that feeds blood to your arm and what happens is that your arm isn’t getting enough blood when you are active, so it steals the blood from your brain :frowning: So in my situation, I’ve been unable to drive, or work for the past 7 months because I can’t do anything. As soon as I start doing anything I become very symptomatic and feel horrible. It’s very scary as you all know, but now I’m very scared because now I know that it could possibly be due to a narrowing of an artery. This is far more serious. I wanted you all to be aware of this, so that you could also be checked for this. It was only by chance that they found this. They were checking my glands and my lymph nodes in my neck :frowning:

That must be very scarry for you. Have the doctor’s suggested how they are going to treat you? Maybe you will be able to follow the suggested route from the website? Either way I hope you get some guidance soon because the waiting is the worst bit I think.

I’m terrified actually :frowning: thanks for responding <3 The scary part is that my ENT didn’t even read this on the report…he only read the first part of the report that pertained to the area that we were concerned with, and didn’t read any further. He was sending me for a second opinion because my symptoms weren’t matching his findings, duh no kidding read further down the report!!! A few days days later I asked for a copy of the report because it just wasn’t sitting right with me, and sure enough there it was. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’ve been fighting for 7 months and gone to several different doctors and specialists for someone to help me, and I have gotten nowhere. I am so depressed, and so terrified because is this the quality of care these days??? I am Canadian and we have free health care but it has gone really bad because there have been tremendous cuts, and the doctors are fed up, but it’s at the expense of patients. I have an appointment to see my family doctor Nov 6th so hopefully he will get me in to see the proper doctor asap. Until then I sit and do nothing because I am terrified :frowning:

Took me a year to get a diagnosis I trusted. Keep going. ENT medicine needs a revolution!

Nowadays you can Stent the narrowing area without any complication