Catamenial Migraine

A word I had to chase up (and there was me thinking the ‘Cat’ chases the mouse!). Never heard of it before. A catamenial migraine, um. Perhaps enough, or maybe, too many is what pushes some females into MAV? Where are the researchers, eh. Helen


Hi Helen this sounds interesting, Were you able to read the full article? I could only access the abstract

No I didn’t try as it’s not really applicable to me personally. Sure it must be ‘findable’ on the internet somewhere if you want to follow it through. Helen

Ok thanks will do

Please link it in if you do find it.

You, and anybody else feeling their’s is closely linked to menstruation should find this interesting. Would imagine it could be useful for women unable to tolerate preventatives. Not seen such distinct mention of oestrogen patches being used pre-anticipated menstruation before. This site was recommended to me by neuro-otologist I saw and has just been much updated. All grist to the mill. A perimenopausal patient leaflet too. Helen

Try writing to the author, explain that you are a patient seeking information, and ask if he will send you the article. Here’s the contact info I found:

Correspondence requests to: Jin Jun Luo, MD, PhD, FAAN, FAANEM, Departments of Neurology and Pharmacology, Temple University School of Medicine, 3401 N Broad St, C525, Philadelphia, PA 19140. E-mail:

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The UK NHS Website also carries information on the use of hormone patches around menstruation and also the use of painkillers as preventatives around period time. Several other sites discuss the use of Naproxen as a preventative around period time specifically for menstrual migraine which might prove useful for some. Helen

Thanks Manatee

Quote from the most recent specialist I’ve consulted:

“Migraine develops around the time of fertile years then gradually improves”

So there’s the hope girls. There’s the hope.