Cause of Endometriosis

Quite a few folks here have this so thought you might find this interesting


VM as an inflammatory disease.

Endometriosis as an inflammatory disease.

Both are all about cytokines.

I’m seeing a pattern. I wonder where PCOS fits in.

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Must be some common denominator. Otherwise why would one individual otherwise be subjected to so many different conditions all at once. Helen

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I think it’s all on the same stretch of genetic code. I met yet another MTHFR gene mutation/PCOS/hypothyroid/endometriosis lady yesterday. I told her if she develops MAV symptoms to call me. I’m to the point where I can spot us in a crowd. Something major changed in our environment in the last 60 years. I was diagnosed 25 years ago. I was the forerunner in a wave of epigenetic misery.


Lots of things. One thing is that they are finding that our drinking water now contains miniscule amounts of all sorts of pharmaceutical drugs. Who knows how that is affecting all of us (especially children).

Pollution, pesticide use, plastics leaching into food/drink, etc.

And think about how the general public eats today compared to 50 years ago. Fast food didn’t exist back then. There were some recent articles about studies that have been done on processed foods. Here’s one:

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