CBS report on Vestibular Migraine

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Looks like this thing is finally getting some news coverage:

Best … Scott

Thanks for posting. It’s good that we can help each other find information and keep up to date about this condition.

Thanks for posting. It’s great that the it’s getting some attention.

Scott…thanks for sharing. I noticed the doctor say that the Vestibular Migraine can last up to 72 hours. I have Motion 24/7…it’s Chronic…so not sure what to think about that?? Any thoughts?


That’s the part i didn’t like either. So many neurologists have said to me that MAV was a stretch for me because of the chronicity of it. That’s just wrong, we all know that, JH knows that, Hain knows that. I would have to watch the video again - where is this guy from?

Hi Joe,

I agree. For many this thing is non-stop. I know it is for me right now. In fact I’d say there’s a basal level of activity plus peaks and troughs throughout the day. I know the guy they interview in the clip from the healthboards – Howie. He really likes his doc although I’m not sure I agree with his treatment. Howie is on a boatload of verapamil and a big dose of zoloft too. With that amount of drug surging though my veins, I’d want to be 100%. That’s just me though … I’d rather get by with as little meds as possible and wouldn’t feel very comforable on high doses of anything really.


MAV is 24/7 for me too. I agree that one get the impression that MAV isn’t 24/7 from listening to the doctor on the show, but in the beginning of the show he also mentioned that people with MAV can have a constant feeling of imbalance.

One should be so lucky to just have imbalance. :shock:


I know the doctor in the video–it’s Larry Newman from the Headache Institute at St. Luke’s–Roosevelt NYC. We spoke at a conference in Boston last fall, and when I was having a flare, wasn’t getting the support I would have wanted from my current MD, I emailed him, and per his recommendation started low dose zoloft, which has been very helpful.
He’s a really nice person, and I think they just got a “sound bite”.