CDP Testing

Hello! Has anyone had a CDP(computerized dynamic postuograohy) test done? It’s non-invasive and doesn’t take too long. I’ve had one but it turns out my compensation and balance is pretty good. Which I think means that whatever I am going through is more brain based. Anyone else had one and what were the results?

Yes, I had one in 1998 and again in 2016. Passed both times. :slight_smile:

That’s very interesting! It’s nice to know that even if you essentially “pass” a test, it can still tell you something. And it’s also nice to know that even if you pass a test, it doesn’t mean that nothing is going on in the body. Thank you for sharing!

I think you’re right. I think the CDP test, along with all the others I had (hearing test, OAE, BAER, ECoG, VEMP, V/ENG) are used to find weaknesses with the ear. If your results come out OK for these tests, then it may mean that your symptoms are probably neurological in origin.

I had CDP. It told me my center of gravity is a little off to the left. This could just be behavioral. Not much insight into ear health or migraines. Overall i think it is one of the tests which is not very effective.

I personally think that VEMP is a good test as it test’s ear function for what it is. VEMP does not need nystagmus like VNG and hence throws the brain involvement and compensation out of the tests. It truly tests ONLY inner ear function.


No I wonder though, if the tests look like it’s it coming from my ear, if there is any use for me to have VEMP testing. My doctor doesn’t seem to want to do it because it can be uncomfortable.


VEMP is not uncomfortable…Caloric test in VNG where they pump hot air into the ear that is super uncomfortable…VEMP is simple electrodes and noise sent into ear using headphones.

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Oh! Maybe I will have to look into that…hmmmm…

That is SUPER uncomfortable.