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Cefaly and dizziness

Hi everyone,

I have vestibular migraine and meniere’s disease. I don’t usually get headache/pain with the vm, unless sound/light sensitivity count. My most uncontrolled symptom is the dizziness (giddy, disequilibrium feeling, not spinning vertigo), which I have almost all of the time.

I’ve been looking at Cefaly, but reading through all the posts and reviews I can find it’s not clear if it helps many people with dizziness. It seems that when it works, it helps pain, and sometimes pressure, but I’ve found few references to it reducing dizziness. As I don’t really get head pain, I’m not sure it’s for me.

I’ve also found a few people saying that it made their tinnitus worse, which concerns me - my tinnitus is very reactive to medication. For example, when I tried amytriptyline, I gained 4 new sounds (which thankfully went once I stopped it)!

Does anyone have any experience with Cefaly and dizziness or tinnitus?

Thank you

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@anders, Erik, would seem to be your man. See above.

Doubt there’s many references ‘out there’ ref using it for chronic dizziness because I suspect we, on here, are very much still an unacknowledged minority. Manufacturers wouldn’t have tested it on such and therefore would be unlikely/unable to make claims in our direction.

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(Hi Amy, thanks for posting, consider introducing yourself and your case history in #im-new-let-me-introduce-myself so we don’t go off topic here)

Thank you. It seems like most people get the benefit from pain reduction. Difficult to know whether to take the chance and pay out or not.

I use it for dizziness. It’s effective but not miraculously so.

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That’s good, I’m glad it helps you. How big of an effect is it?

It builds over time with daily use. As I have Botox I’m only using the Cefaly for break thru migraine. It helps a lot for those.

Thank you. Would you say it reduces the dizziness by much, over time? Or just takes the edge off?

For me, it just takes the edge off. Sleep helps almost as much.

Ok thanks, that’s really helpful.

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Can you tell me if I would find any difference if I tried it for a day or two? A friend is lending me hers.

Unlikely, takes weeks to months like any other migraine treatment. They offer a 60-day money back guarantee, that would be a much better trial.

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Hi, I have VM and used Cefaly for nearly six weeks at a doctor’s recommendation. It did not help my vertigo, but it did give me a headache, even on the lower setting. I purchased mine from the Mayo Clinic store, and they were very nice about me returning it.