They had a segment on this thing on our evening news. It is now available here in Canada for $300. Has anyone used it and had succcess?


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I’ve used it about 30 times, but I am using it for headaches as my dizziness is controlled by Paxil. I am guilty as I haven’t been using it routinely so I am not having success, but the only side effect I’ve noticed is it feeling really weird and slightly painful at first. This only happened while the device was in use.

For anyone who has it, I just started using the Cefaly device but I’m unsure as to which program to use. Since I have 24/7 MAV symptoms (dizzy, tinnitus, head pressure, etc) is it still ok to use program 2 - the prevent mode? My main goal is to decrease ongoing symptoms just not sure of the best mode to use. It seems to temporarily make things worse and “stir things up” but I want to stick with it.

Stick with it in either mode you can tolerate. Like all things MAV related, it gets a bit worse before slowly, steadily getting better.

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Yes, use it once per day on prevent mode (program 2). It continues to help me a lot for head pressure and dizziness, but it takes time to work.


This is good to remember. Doing everything by the book to get better so I feel like I should be all fixed up any day now. Not how this things works I guess. Cefaly at least helps me feel proactive with hopefully a few less side effects than the meds. Thank you both!


MAV is a life long marathon. Learn to enjoy the journey. It gets better along the way.


That’s such a helpful way to think about it. Don’t know what I’d do without your wisdom and positivity!

I’m so torn about whether or not to send back my cefaly. I don’t feel like I’ve given it a proper go really, but it’s now coming up to end of warranty. I really didn’t like the sensation and as someone who doesn’t get migraine headaches, I was worried it was triggering weird pain and maybe making things worse!

No clue what to do.

If you don’t mind me asking why did you decide to use this treatment if you don’t get migraines?

Because there is research suggesting it helps with the dizziness aspect too. Plus I see here some use it for dizziness.


But if it’s not, send it back.