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Cefaly Medical Device For Migraines

I am considering buying the Cefaly medical device. Has anyone heard about Cefaly ( or tried it out. Good or bad? According to the website, you can’t use Cefaly if you have Meniere’s disease. I wonder if it can be used for MAV. Any thoughts?

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That looks pretty intriguing and seems to be like a TENS unit for the head. However, how much does it cost (US dollars)? And, how long has it been around??? Interesting. Wonder if it would work for dizziness.

I found it on one website for 203 Euros which is about $265. I emailed the Cefaly company and they said it would help MAV. I am still not sure if it’s more about alleviating the pain versus the dizziness. They also said that enough trials have been done to now deem it as safe for Meniere’s. I am skeptical, but I am thinking of buying it. I guess if it doesn’t work, I can always use it as some Halloween prop or something.:slight_smile: I will let you know how it works out…


I did a quick read on the website but intended to do a bit more research on the device when I had more time. I thought it was a bit discouraging since their original disclaimer said it was contraindicated for meniere’s (dizziness & balance). Interesting. It would be great if it worked…something other than chemicals.
Let us know if you try it!
P.S. It does look a bit Star Trek and all… : )

It is working for me, less headache intensity and less diziness episodes.