Cefaly Medical Device For Migraines

I am considering buying the Cefaly medical device. Has anyone heard about Cefaly (www.cefaly.com) or tried it out. Good or bad? According to the website, you can’t use Cefaly if you have Meniere’s disease. I wonder if it can be used for MAV. Any thoughts?

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That looks pretty intriguing and seems to be like a TENS unit for the head. However, how much does it cost (US dollars)? And, how long has it been around??? Interesting. Wonder if it would work for dizziness.

I found it on one website for 203 Euros which is about $265. I emailed the Cefaly company and they said it would help MAV. I am still not sure if it’s more about alleviating the pain versus the dizziness. They also said that enough trials have been done to now deem it as safe for Meniere’s. I am skeptical, but I am thinking of buying it. I guess if it doesn’t work, I can always use it as some Halloween prop or something.:slight_smile: I will let you know how it works out…


I did a quick read on the website but intended to do a bit more research on the device when I had more time. I thought it was a bit discouraging since their original disclaimer said it was contraindicated for meniere’s (dizziness & balance). Interesting. It would be great if it worked…something other than chemicals.
Let us know if you try it!
P.S. It does look a bit Star Trek and all… : )

It is working for me, less headache intensity and less diziness episodes.

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I just found out yesterday that you can now get the cefaly device without prescription and it has a $100 off and you can apply to pay in installments. I guess the competition for the migraine market is getting crowded with different devices and new medications, which I think is good for all of us, I just wish they were more affordable.
This is the website for the cefaly device: CEFALY: A Drug-Free Migraine Treatment & Prevention Device

And this is where I read about it last night (btw, this is a good source of news about migraine, in general)

Did anyone try this?

Use the Search facility and find out. There are threads covering this and yes they did and still do. Go explore the archive.

Just ordered it. Will post an update after some trial and use. I did see that the Cefaly website has a blog article on use of Cefaly with Vestibular Migraine and how Dr Beh references its use in his new book. https://www.cefaly.com/blog/vestibular-migraine

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I saw that and I wonder if it helps with dizziness. Keep me posted!