Celexa and side effects

Hi all,
I started celexa 6 days ago. I have a couple worries with some of the side effects. First of all I have had some pretty bad heartburn that also feels like chest pain and my back has hurt. I was wondering if anyone has experienced this? and if this should go away? I have also had some head and neck pain which I’m worried about. I thought celexa is supposed to help with migraines? Just wondering if anyone else has had these side effects? Also should the side effects be gone by now or does it take longer for them to subside?

Hey Mike,

Sorry to hear you’re getting these side effects. I would give it a good 2-3 weeks to see if they subside. If not, I think you will probably have to move on. It can cause increased headache in a few people – including me, which is why I ditched it. What dose are you on presently?


wow didn’t know those were side effects. I haven’t started my celexa but will prob try when i’m off work over the holiday break at the end of the month. I went to my therapist today and he’s being really cool and not pushing me. he said he’s had good luck with that medicine at least with anxiety - he doesn’t deal with MaV of course.

he’s going to be teaching me how to deal with anxiety - it’s possible ive had anxiety for years! i’ve always been high strung.

Only thing i’m woried about is going through all this and still being stuck with dizziness. I think a lot of my triggers are environmental - last few days lots of pollution but today i felt good and the pollution was low - i can’t control that that’s for sure. between that and pollen i suffer most of the year.

i still wish there was a test for MaV since i dont iknow if i have it or not completely yet :slight_smile:

let me know how you do on the celexa as time goes on. My dr said i can start super low mgs :slight_smile:


I’m on 10 mg. The side effects I mentioned are gone now. The only thing bothering me is that the dizziness is worse. I have taken it for a little over a week now. Has anyone experienced their dizziness getting worse and then it gets better after awhile on the drug? Or if I am dizzier now is it not going to get better?

Mike – good to hear the initial increased headache is gone. The dizziness should go too. These things are “normal” for some people starting up on this med. The first time I took Cip I had no increase in dizziness that I recall, probably because I was already a disaster. I came off the stuff after a few years, was drug-free for 5 weeks and then relapsed. I went back on Cip and was much dizzier on it for weeks I remember. I can definitely remember questioning myself wondering why the dizziness was worse and wouldn’t go away, had the drug lost its efficacy. The dizz did stop after a few weeks, possibly one month. I’d hang at 10 mg for about 4-6 weeks and if no dizziness improvement try 15 and so on.


good to know. I guess :frowning:

I am not dizzy all the time now i have other issues but not constant dizziness so taking something that might make it worse scares me some


I have gotten more dizzy on Ami, celexa, and effexor…I talked to Dr. Hain and asked him if I was suppsed to get worse before better, and he said no, just better. So I stopped the Fex. On Cymbalta, I just got consistently better…
Scott has experience in this, so since you’re in it, you might as well hang out and see…perhaps take a little valium or Klonopin for the duration to calm the brain…just a thought.

Kelley good to know about celexa yeah i was told if i felt really horrible that i could stop so good to know.

Michael hope you feel better

Thanks guys for the replies. Scott - How long did it take for your dizziness to get better when you were on celexa? My dizziness isnt much worse, I am still able to work, but I’m worried that it is going to stay the same. I do feel like I can make more rational decisions now and it has increased my mood some. I just wish the dizziness would go away. I will give it some time and see.

Michael – on the second round I think it took a good 6 weeks to really stop. Not sure why it took so long but it did kill it again. I also zeroed in n more of my triggers and got better at weeding them out. S

michael are you still on the celexa? how’s it going?