Celexa- anyone have luck with this and how long to help?

Hi all,
I started Celexa 3 weeks ago and was wondering if anyone had luck with this SSRI? If so, how long before it helped you?


I know this was a few days ago but I just wanted to say that I started Celexa about 5 years ago and it worked great for me! I was to the point where I was dizzy all of the time constantly and it was giving me so much anxiety. I had trouble going to movies, class, out to eat, or really anywhere because I would get so dizzy. Celexa probably got me feeling about 95 percent better. I hope it works for you too! How is it going so far?

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Hi! Thanks so much for the feedback!! I’ve only been at the therapeutic dose of 20 mg for less than a month so I’m still holding out hope that it helps. :slight_smile: my dizziness is more of an eye:head out of sync feeling and head pressure. You’ve give me hope. Thank you!

I’m thinking of asking to try this myself but I am so scared of SSRIs anymore as I have tried lexapro and zoloft and they made me feel so so sick to my stomach. Please let me know how you do with this med. I may muster up the courage to try it someday

Hi! I’m only on week 4 and I’ve read it can take 8 weeks for the full effect so I’ll have to let you know. I do notice some improvement but am also doing vestibular therapy so I’m not sure if it’s the Celexa, therapy or combination of the two. I’ll update in another month. I’d personally keep trying things since I want to get back to normal. I’ll do whatever it takes honestly.

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I should mention that I’m only on week 4 (actually 5 5 now) of the therapeutic dose. I titrated up very slowly over 3 weeks. Only mild stomach issues for a few weeks.

Hi could you tell me if Celexa made you dizzier going in to it? I am feeling extra dizzy on day 12 . Should I just stick with it and is this normal ?

Hi again Kallie

Your chances of a reply after all this time is almost zero so please don’t pin your hopes on hearing. No news on here generally is Good News. People improve and depart only to return on relapse if that ever happens. There’s obviously a small, very small core of regulars who hang on to help newcomers as they were once helped themselves probably by others long moved on successfully with their lives. Do please trawl through the Crowds posts on here using Search. There are references to increased dizziness on start up there. I think you need to accept it’s normal and stop panicking about it. just being more relaxed about everything when you have VM will help you tons without taking meds into the equation at all. Anxiety is fuel for VM Helen

Hi there that’s why I started anew topic if that’s ok . Thank you x

I don’t think that will make any difference. People should chime into your New Here Topic or here if they have something useful to add.

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Another user to search for is @suki530 . She went on to significant recovery with Celexa.

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